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2020.09.26 08:09 AdequateSizeAttache Setting the Record Straight on the Evidence of Prior Sexual Abuse - Part 1

[This post has been split into two parts because of selfpost character limits.]


It surprises me how often I see discussions involving speculation on whether JonBenet's UTIs, vaginitis, bedwetting, and history of frequent doctor visits indicate sexual abuse or not. These discussions invariably include people chiming in to share how they or someone they know had similar issues but were never abused. From these discussions, one could get the impression that itchy pageant costumes or Mr. Bubble useage are perfectly reasonable explanations for the evidence of sexual abuse.
The fact is, there's no need to speculate based on these things. There is physical evidence of prior sexual abuse. This is the evidence that should be at the forefront of discussions on the question of sexual abuse, not bubble baths or bedwetting. Issues such as vaginitis, UTIs, and bedwetting are not specific to sexual abuse; there are other possible explanations for them. There is no other possible explanation for the physical evidence besides trauma from physical penetration.
In reading discussions on the case over the years, it's always puzzled me how often the evidence of prior sexual abuse gets downplayed or dismissed. In considering why, I believe it is due primarily to these two common misconceptions:
Common Misconception 1 (as demonstrated above): The evidence of sexual abuse = vaginal irritation, UTIs, rashes, bedwetting, soiling, frequent doctor visits
Common Misconception 2: There is a medical debate on the issue and there's evidence to support both sides
Common Misconception 1 is a straw man argument — the actual evidence (the physical findings) is not being addressed or refuted.
Common Misconception 2 is an argument from false equivalence. An equal, rather than accurate, amount of weight is given to both sides of the issue. People see the mountain of conflicting information and contradicting opinions and think "It looks like expert opinion on this issue is divided; I guess a case can be made for either side." The enormous difference in expertise and experience between the various experts is ignored, as is the level of access they had to the evidence. This misconception gives the impression that all these expert opinions cancel each other out, rendering the issue debatable and open to interpretation. Consequently, the probative value of the evidence is undermined, making it easier for people to feel they can dismiss.
I think several factors have contributed to these two misconceptions:
However, if one takes a closer look at the evidence, it becomes apparent that it is not weighted equally on both sides. There is no medical debate, but a medical consensus. Every child sexual abuse expert who examined the genital findings from JonBenet's autopsy recognized physical signs of sexual abuse that predated her murder. Despite some objections to their conclusion, no one has disputed the physical findings of these experts. Their findings are compelling and should be seriously considered. In order to do that, though, one must first understand what the findings are and get acquainted with the doctors who testified to them.
The purpose of this post is to lay out everything that is known about the evidence of prior sexual abuse, but also to put it into a larger context so that hopefully it will be better understood. This will involve delving a bit into the history of child sexual abuse evaluations (it will become relevant later), as well as some background information of the experts involved. I will also go over dissenting opinions and address some common counterarguments and myths.

The evolution of modern pediatric sexual abuse evaluations: A brief historical timeline

1857 - One of the first known forensic medical studies on child sexual abuse, Étude médico-légale sur les attentats aux mœurs (Forensic study on offenses against morals) by French medical doctor and pathologist Auguste Ambroise Tardieu, is published. This treatise describes various forms of child abuse and maltreatment and includes anatomical drawings of genital findings which by modern standards are considered surprisingly accurate and ahead of its time. For some reason these efforts are largely ignored and it will be over a century before interest in sexual abuse evaluations from a medical perspective is resurrected.
1940s-50s - Child sexual abuse remains an unacknowledged taboo. Medical textbooks of this era tell doctors that children can contract STIs like gonorrhea from non-sexual means, such as from toilet seats, sharing towels, or sleeping in the same bed as an infected adult. Such myths will pervade for decades.
1962 - "The Battered Child Syndrome" by pediatrician C. Henry Kempe is published and physical child abuse is recognized. A watershed moment in pediatrics and child abuse protection. This article is about detecting hidden signs of physical abuse using modern radiological technology and newly proposed evaluation guidelines. Detecting chronic or hidden sexual abuse, however, will prove to be a more enduring challenge.
Late 1960s - By now all 50 states have child abuse protection laws in place.
1970s - Feminist campaigners and policymakers take up the cause of child sexual abuse. Most child protection workers during this period are social workers and therapists. The field of child abuse protection and evaluation is in its nascency.
1974 - Congress enacts the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA, P.L. 93-247). CAPTA creates a nationwide focus on establishing standardized protocols for dealing with all forms of child abuse and neglect. Mandatory reporting is one component of CAPTA. Before, only doctors were required to report cases of suspected child abuse; now, it is anyone in a position of authority — teachers, camp counselors, etc. Consequently, there is a significant increase in the reporting of child abuse cases and an increase in the demand of evaluations for suspected sexual abuse. Most of the physicians doing these medical evaluations are not researchers or academics but work with prosecutor's offices and law enforcement.
1975 - Suzanne M. Sgroi, physician pioneer in the field, publishes an article calling child sexual abuse "the last frontier in child abuse" which "remains a taboo topic in many areas."
1977 - C. Henry Kempe brings awareness to the issue of child sexual abuse by following up "The Battered Child Syndrome" with a landmark lecture at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics in New York City. The talk, titled "Sexual Abuse, Another Hidden Pediatric Problem" is published in the journal Pediatrics the following year.
1980s - Doctors start examining children's genitals, documenting, cataloging and trying to interpret their findings. Some use a colposcope, a binocular-like instrument originally used to detect cervical cancer, which magnifies the vaginal canal and tissues up to 4-30x. Some take anatomical measurements which they use to develop criteria for suspected abuse. They know what findings they see in abused children, but there is an acute lack of understanding of what "normal" or nonabused genital findings look like.
1981 - The article "Sexual Misuse: Rape, Molestation, and Incest" by Dr. Bruce Woodling is published in the journal Pediatric Clinics of North America.
Dr. Woodling is a California physician whose area of specialty is in sexual abuse forensics. The paper presents his research on what he has dubbed the "wink response test", a concept borrowed from Tardieu's 19th-century forensic manual. This test involves stroking the area near the anus with a cotton swab and gauging the response — contraction of the sphincter indicates no abuse, while an involuntary opening or 'winking' response indicates prior penetration. It was a test Tardieu developed to diagnose pederasty and Woodling has applied it to children as a way to detect anal abuse.
1982 - The wave of daycare sexual abuse hysteria of the 80s begins with the Kern County abuse allegations. The investigation and trial will culminate in the conviction of two couples (the McCuans and Kniffens) for sexually abusing several children. Dr. Woodling's wink response test and testimony play a part in their conviction. Several other similar cases in the same area at the time result in convictions of several others.
1984 - Daycare abuse hysteria continues with the Fells Acres and McMartin Preschool accusations. In the Fells Acre case, day care teacher Gerald Amirault will be put on trial and convicted of sexually assaulting and raping nine children. Questionable interview methods of the children and unproven genital evaluation criteria form the basis for the conviction.
The McMartin preschool case is the first to receive major media attention in the United States. Pediatrician Astrid Heger, under the tutelage of Dr. Bruce Woodling, conducts many of the evaluations of the McMartin children and diagnoses the majority of them as having been sexually abused. The criteria used for the evaluations are based primarily on Woodling's research as well as other published papers at the time (e.g., Cantwell's 1983 study on hymenal diameter measurements). Many of the children are found to have suspect genital findings such as notches, clefts, bands, tissue tags, ruffled or rolled hymenal edges, 'microtraumas' seen only with magnification, hymenal openings which measure over four millimeters, as well as positive reactions to Woodling's wink response test.
mid to late 80s - More abuse allegations and convictions including Country Walk, Wee Nursery, Bronx Five, Little Rascals day care, Glendale Montessori cases.
1988 - Dr. John McCann, a pediatrics professor and researcher from UCSF School of Medicine, drops a bombshell at the 18th annual child abuse convention in San Diego. He presents the results of a study he and his colleagues have worked on the past four years. They had gathered a control group of about 300 nonabused/"normal" children and meticulously documented and photographed their anuses and genitals, the first such study to do so. What they learned shocked McCann and everyone else in the field. Many of the anatomic findings which some specialists were claiming to be signs of abuse were commonly found in the nonabused children. The study showed that the large variation of anatomical features of childrens' genitals were, in fact, just that — variations of normal. This meant that parents and caretakers were being reported and convicted based on erroneous unscientific criteria. This presentation, titled "Anatomical Standardization of Normal Prepubertal Children," is a watershed moment in the field.
1989 - The first paper based on McCann's study ("Perianal findings in prepubertal children selected for nonabuse: a descriptive study") is published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect. Among its conclusions, it shows that Dr. Woodling's wink response test has no scientific basis.
The impact of McCann's study influences leaders in the field to call for an overhaul in the way sexual abuse evaluation criteria are approached:
Medical Examination for Sexual Abuse: Have We Been Misled?
The more we learn, the less we know "with reasonable medical certainty"?
1990s - This decade sees an explosion of research and progress. The second paper based on McCanns' landmark study ("Genital findings in prepubertal girls selected for nonabuse: a descriptive study") is published in the journal Pediatrics in 1990. The dropping of charges in the McMartin preschool trial, also in 1990, marks the beginning of the winding down of the nation's abuse hysteria. McCann's research is presented as evidence by the defense in some abuse trials, such as the McMartin and Little Rascals daycare cases.
1992 - A classification system for evaluating children for suspected sexual abuse is proposed by Dr. Joyce Adams, Katherine Harper and Sandra Knudson. This later becomes known as the Adams classification system (keep this system in mind as we will be referring back to it) and will be periodically revised with updated criteria throughout the following decades. It will be adopted and used in the field of child abuse pediatrics and gynecology worldwide. John McCann's research help form a basis for this system.
mid to late 90s - More research based on cross-sectional, case-control, and longitudinal studies of abused and nonabused children are published which improves understanding and accuracy of evaluation criteria: Berenson, Heger, Adams, Emans, Kellogg, Kerns, McCann, Muram, Finkel, etc. Due to the errors of the previous decade, specialists in the field are highly conscientious and prudent about differentiating nonabuse from abuse criteria.

The evidence of prior sexual abuse in the JonBenet Ramsey case: What we know

When Boulder County Coroner Dr. John Meyer performed JonBenet's autopsy, he identified signs of acute vaginal trauma which he believed was consistent with digital penetration. What we didn't find out until the publication of James Kolar's book Foreign Faction in 2012 is that Dr. Meyer also saw indications of prior sexual contact. Concerned about this possibility, he sought a specialist opinion and brought Dr. Andrew Sirotnak to the morgue to examine JonBenet's genital injuries. Dr. Sirotnak was a child abuse pediatrician who headed the Child Protection Team at Children's Hospital Colorado. He confirmed Meyer's opinion that there were signs of prior sexual contact.
Here are the relevant passages from Kolar's book:
  • Dr. Meyer also observed signs of chronic inflammation around the vaginal orifice and believed that these injuries had been inflicted in the days or weeks before the acute injury that was responsible for causing the bleeding at the time of her death. This irritation appeared consistent with prior sexual contact.
    [Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?, A. James Kolar, p. 58]
  • Following the meeting, Dr. Meyer returned to the morgue with Dr. Andy Sirontak, Chief of Denver Children's Hospital Child Protection Team, so that a second opinion could be rendered on the injuries observed to the vaginal area of JonBenet. He would observe the same injuries that Dr. Meyer had noted during the autopsy protocol and concurred that a foreign object had been inserted into the opening of JonBenet's vaginal orifice and was responsible for the acute injury witnessed at the 7:00 o'clock position. Further inspection revealed that the hymen was shriveled and retracted, a sign that JonBenet had been subjected to some type of sexual contact prior to the date of her death. Dr. Sirontak could not provide an opinion as to how old those injuries were or how many times JonBenet may have been assaulted and would defer to the expert opinions of other medical examiners.
    [Kolar, p. 61]
  • Dr. Meyer was concerned about JonBenet's vaginal injuries, and he, along with Boulder investigators, sought the opinions of a variety of other physicians in the days following her autopsy. Dr. Sirontak, a pediatrician with Denver Children's Hospital, had recognized signs of prior sexual trauma but neither he nor Dr. Meyer were able to say with any degree of certainty what period of time may have been involved in the abuse.
    [Kolar, p. 63]
Boulder Police would later ask several child sexual abuse experts to review the autopsy findings* in order to help them determine if there was evidence of prior sexual abuse. In addition to Andrew Sirotnak, these are the experts whom we know were consulted:
Richard Krugman
James Monteleone
Valerie Rao
John McCann
That's right — that John McCann. The same John McCann who was responsible for putting child sexual abuse evaluations onto scientific footing and who happened to establish the standards for what is considered normal and abnormal in pediatric genital exams was consulted on the JonBenet Ramsey case.
In Steve Thomas's 2001 deposition for the Wolf v Ramsey civil trial, Thomas says that McCann came recommended by the FBI. There's a reason for that, which is that McCann was regarded as one of the the foremost authorities on interpreting pediatric anogenital findings in cases of suspected abuse. Thomas also refers to McCann, Monteleone, and Rao as the "blue ribbon pediatric panel." Based on various sources, we know that there was at least one meeting in Boulder in September 1997 involving McCann, Rao, Monteleone, and Krugman.
Here is the relevant passage from Thomas's book:
In mid-September, a panel of pediatric experts from around the country reached one of the major conclusions of the investigation - that JonBenet had suffered vaginal trauma prior to the day she was killed.
There were no dissenting opinions among them on the issue, and they firmly rejected any possibility that the trauma to the hymen and chronic vaginal inflammation were caused by urination issues or masturbation. We gathered affidavits stating in clear language that there were injuries "consistent with prior trauma and sexual abuse"...."There was chronic abuse"..."Past violation of the vagina"...."Evidence of both acute injury and chronic sexual abuse." In other words, the doctors were saying it had happened before.
The results, however, were not what is known in the legal world as "conclusive" - which means that there can be no other interpretation - and I would fully expect defense lawyers to argue something different. Nevertheless, our highly qualified doctors had brought in a remarkable finding.
[JonBenet: Inside the Ramsey Murder Investigation, Steve Thomas & Don Davis, p. 253]
The experts expected to testify in court had the case gone to trial. As we know, there was no criminal trial, but we know the experts were called to testify before the grand jury.
*During JonBenet's autopsy, an instrument called a colposcope was used to examine and document her genital injuries. This is standard procedure in forensic pathology in cases of suspected child abuse or sexual assault. Colposcopy illuminates and magnifies the vaginal cavity and is used to identify abnormal changes to tissue and the internal genital structures. The experts would have relied on these colposcopic photos as well as histologic samples of JonBenet's vaginal mucosa in addition to the autopsy report, coroner's notes, and lab results.

The physical findings explained

These are the genital findings we know were discovered at JonBenet's autopsy:
Ref. no. Finding Source
1 Chronic inflammation around vaginal orifice FF
2 Small amount of dried blood on perineum AR
3 Small amount of dried and semifluid blood on skin of fourchette and in vestibule AR
4 Hyperemia of vestibule and vaginal wall AR
5 Abrasion on hymenal orifice at 7 o'clock position, involving the hymen and vaginal wall AR
6 Epithelial erosion with underlying capillary congestion of tissue from 7'oclock AR
7 Hymenal orifice measuring 1cm x 1cm AR
8 A lack of hymenal tissue between the 10 and 2 o'clock positions AR
9 Vascular congestion and focal interstitial chronic inflammation of vaginal mucosa AR
10 Bruise on hymen BP
11 Three dimensional thickening from inside to outside of inferior hymenal rim BP
12 Narrowing of inferior hymenal rim to base of hymen BP
13 Exposure of vaginal rugae BP
AR = Autopsy Report
BP = Bonita Papers
FF = Foreign Faction
What do these physical findings mean?
Here is a quick break down:
  • 5, 6, and 10, with corresponding bleeding 2 and 3, are signs of acute trauma from the time of the murder.
  • 7 is something that gets brought up as evidence of prior abuse ("enlarged hymenal opening"). However, criteria based on hymenal opening measurements were removed from the Adams classification guidelines in 1996. McCann did not include it in his criteria for abuse, but said it supported the findings for abuse. Since the late 90s/early 2000s, specialists have tried to move away from using measurement-based criteria as it is difficult to do precisely. Research data has shown that measurements can vary with the examination position, technique, age of the child, state of relaxation of the child, and the skill of the examiner.
  • 8 describes a crescentic hymen, a common variation of hymen types. This is a normal finding. Generally, discrepancies of the anterior half of the hymen (above the 3 and 9 o'clock positions) are not considered concerning and missing segments, notches, clefts can be normal findings. It is the inferior half of the hymen (below the 3 and 9 o'clock positions) where experts look for indicators of abuse.
  • 11-13 are findings observed by John McCann that describe structural changes of the hymen from a prior penetration. 12 describes a transection (a healed laceration) of the inferior portion of the hymen.
  • 1, 4, 9 can be caused by a variety of other conditions and on their own are not classified as indicators for abuse. In the case where findings indicating abuse are also present, they need to be considered in context.
McCann's findings
The most important of these findings to understand is 12, which is one of McCann's observations outlined in the Bonita Papers.
There was a three dimensional thickening from inside to outside on the inferior hymeneal rim with a bruise apparent on the external surface of the hymen and a narrowing of the hymeneal rim from the edge of the hymen to where it attaches to the muscular portion of the vaginal openings. At the narrowing area, there appeared to be very little if any hymen present.
To understand what this means, take a look at the white line segment labeled "Hymenal width" in this colposcopic photo (warning: image of vagina/hymen). It demarcates the length of the hymenal membrane from the rim/edge to the base where it attaches to the vaginal wall.
A narrowing of the hymenal rim means the hymenal membrane is reduced in dimension from the rim/edge toward the base. When the rim is narrowed all the way to the base, that is called a complete cleft or a transection. A transection is a discontinuity of the inferior hymenal rim that extends to or through the base of the hymen. Basically, it is a telltale residual absence of tissue from a healed complete laceration.
If this is difficult to visualize, here is a figure which shows what transections look like:
Figure 3: Hymenal Membrane Characteristics
The Adams classification system
In the fields of child abuse pediatrics and pediatric gynecology, the set of guidelines most widely used in interpreting genital findings is the Adams classification system.
If we were to look at the most recently revised version (2018), we would see that it identifies certain "findings caused by trauma":
These findings are highly suggestive of abuse, even in the absence of a disclosure from the child, unless the child and/or caretaker provides a timely and plausible description of accidental anogenital straddle, crush or impalement injury, or past surgical interventions that are confirmed from review of medical records.
Among those findings that are "highly suggestive of abuse" includes point 37, listed in the subsection titled "Residual (healing) injuries to genital/anal tissues" under section E:
Healed hymenal transection/complete hymen cleft, a defect in the hymen below the 3-9 o'clock location that extends to or through the base of the hymen, with no hymenal tissue discernible at that location
This is precisely what Dr. McCann described having observed in JonBenet.
A transection in the inferior half of the hymen of a prepubertal child is a significant finding because it is considered a clear indication of a prior penetrating injury:
  • Multiple studies have noted the presence of hymenal transections only in prepubertal girls with a history of disclosed sexual abuse.
    [ Sara T. Stewart, MD. Hymenal Characteristics in Girls with and without a History of Sexual Abuse, p. 533]
  • Hymenal transections are very rarely seen in prepubertal girls who have not been sexually abused. However, a demonstrated transection, based on multiple studies, is commonly viewed as “a clear but uncommon indicator of past trauma.”
    [Mishori, R., Ferdowsian, H., Naimer, K. et al. The little tissue that couldn’t – dispelling myths about the Hymen’s role in determining sexual history and assault.]
  • Thus a deep notch, transection, or perforation on the inferior portion of the hymen may be considered as a definitive sign of sexual abuse or other trauma.
    [Berenson, et al. A case-control study of anatomic changes resulting from sexual abuse, p. 829]
  • A transection of the posterior hymen between 4 and 8 o’clock in prepubertal girls suggests genital penetrating trauma; however, the presence of this finding is not confirmatory of sexual abuse. Posterior hymenal findings including transections between 4 and 8 o’clock, deep notches, and perforations were not seen in studies of prepubertal girls without a history of genital trauma from sexual abuse included in this systematic review. Therefore, one can conclude that the posterior hymenal findings of transections, deep notches, and perforations are extremely infrequent findings among children without a history of genital trauma from sexual abuse or other means. [...]
    However, because the prevalence of posterior hymenal findings (between 4 and 8 o’clock) such as transections, deep notches, and perforations are near zero in nonabused prepubertal girls, the presence of these examination findings suggests genital trauma from sexual abuse. In the absence of known genital trauma from accidental means, the possibility for sexual abuse must be strongly considered. In a prepubertal girl with a posterior hymenal finding of a transection (between 4 and 8 o’clock), a deep notch (between 4 and 8 o’clock), or a perforation, a report to child protective services should be strongly considered. At a minimum, an examination by a child abuse specialist should occur to confirm these findings and to help provide a careful interpretation regarding the likelihood of sexual abuse.
    [Molly Curtin Berkoff, MD, MPH; Adam J. Zolotor, MD, MPH; Kathi L. Makoroff, MD; et al. Has This Prepubertal Girl Been Sexually Abused?, p. 2790]
If any doctor or medical provider today observed a transection on the inferior half of the hymen of a prepubertal female patient, he/she would be required to make a report for suspected sexual abuse and an explanation would be required for how that healed injury got there. In forty years of research, this finding has not been seen in any other instance besides from penetrating trauma. In prepubertal girls, it is indicative of sexual abuse unless it can be shown otherwise.

What the evidence says

The evidence says JonBenet had been subjected to at least one penetration of the vagina through the hymenal membrane prior to her murder. The penetration caused a complete laceration of the inferior hymenal membrane. After the laceration healed, a transection and other structural changes of the hymen remained.
The age of the prior injury could not be determined, but based on his research on the healing of hymenal lacerations of prepubertal girls, it was McCann's opinion that it was more than ten days old. His research has shown that "most signs of an acute [hymenal laceration] injury were gone within 7 to 10 days." Some of the experts thought the prior injury could have been weeks or months old.
While the evidence could conclusively prove only one prior penetration, the experts believed there had been more than one instance of penetration/sexual contact and that JonBenet's genital findings indicated abuse that had been repeated or ongoing. They were unable to determine how many incidents over what period of time.
Four of the five experts (Sirotnak, Monteleone, Rao, McCann) were confident in their opinion that JonBenet's genital findings were diagnostic of sexual abuse. One (Krugman) could not disagree with that assessment, but lacking certain forensic evidence (i.e., the victim's testimony, the confirmed presence of sperm, or an STI), was unwilling to assume a sexual motive for the abuse. He felt there was evidence only of physical abuse of the genitals.

What else could explain the prior penetration/ hymenal trauma besides sexual abuse?

There are three known causes of transections in the inferior hymenal rim in prepubertal girls — penetrative sexual abuse, accidental penetrating trauma, and surgical intervention.
Most accidental genital injuries sustained by children are straddle-type injuries that involve a fall onto the horizontal bar of a bicycle, jungle gym, or picket fence. This type of accident involves compression of the soft tissues against the bony margins of the pelvic outlet. Trauma is usually limited to the external structures of the genital area (e.g., labia, clitoral hood, fourchette, perineum).
Accidental penetrating or impalement injuries that involve trauma to the hymen are relatively rare:
Of 161 accidental genital injuries reported in the literature, 3.7% involved the hymen.
[Child Abuse: Medical Diagnosis and Management, 4th ed. Antoinette Laskey and Andrew Sirotnak (eds.), p. 359]
However, they do occur and the resulting injuries can mimic those of sexual abuse. In such cases, it is important that the cause of the injury be confirmed.
Whether an acute or healed genital or anal injury is identified, it is incumbent on the medical professional to obtain a complete history of the nature of the injury. [...]
Key differences in the history of accidental trauma, such as a straddle injury, are that accidental injuries are more commonly observed by a third party, medical attention is sought immediately after the injury, a scene-of-injury visit confirms the plausibility of the injuries and the accompanying history, and the pattern of injury is consistent with the history.
[Child Abuse: Medical Diagnosis and Management, 4th ed. Antoinette Laskey and Andrew Sirotnak (eds.), p. 359]
If JonBenet's prior hymenal injury was the result of an accident or a past surgical procedure, it should be reflected in her medical records and easy to prove. An accidental penetrating injury that results in a complete laceration of the hymen is considered severe, one that would be painful and cause bleeding. It would be expected that most parents or caretakers would seek medical attention for their child's injury.
We know the Ramseys were not timid or frugal when it came to getting medical attention for JonBenet's injuries and ailments. We have records of her being seen by the doctor for various bumps, falls, and injuries, such as a bent fingernail from a fall, a bruised nose from faceplanting at a grocery store, a bump on the brow from a tripping fall, and a small cut to the cheek from a golf club swing. If JonBenet had sustained an accidental genital injury that resulted in a severe laceration, I find it very hard to believe she would not have been taken to the doctor for such an injury when she was taken for lesser injuries and ailments.
Clearly, there was nothing in her medical records that could account for such an injury or the Ramseys would have provided it to police.
(Continue to Part 2: The experts, responses to dissenting opinions and common myths, etc.)
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2020.09.26 01:28 continuedpath Dutch pedo i met on yubo

Warning: very long story
Before i start this story i just want to say that I completely understand how stupid i was for not seeing the red flags earlier on, in my defence , I was still new to the concept of romantic relationships and quite naive. To add on, I was recovering from being ghosted months prior, I had quite horrible self esteem and was willing to put up with shitty and creepy behaviour from people online and I fully regret it. This wasn't very long ago when this took place, during the end of January 2020, with it currently being almost october 2020. However, I would like to think that this experience woke me up a bit. I would also like to say that I thankfully did not send any intimate or sexual photos to this person.
Also, I do not have any bias towards dutch people, even though i've had two horrible experiences with people from the Netherlands and Belgium, I understand that there are always bad apples in every group, and this creep happened to be one of them. Holland is a beautiful country and I'm sure there are very lovely people there, just not him. On a side note, if anyone knows how to see soccer stats of players all over the world/check if someone ever was in that sport, please let me know in the comments.
I'm fully aware that someone might call me an idiot, or I might receive some backlash for falling for this, I understand, but this just shows how vulnerable teen girls can be. I would appreciate it if people don't call me out for being foolish, I know that, I still feel like an idiot. This is why I want to share this, to get some of it off my chest and hopefully this might prevent someone from getting into a similar situation in the future.
This story starts near the end of January, I was 16, studying for my final exams for the first semester of my junior year. I took a study break and was on yubo. For those who don't know what yubo is, it's an app to meet new people, you make an account with your name and age, they either direct you to a server for teens 13-17, or 18+. Some people like to call it the “tinder for teens'' which explains it pretty well. Anyways I was swiping and I found someone, who i will refer to as “T” for now, i don't want to give out his name for my safety and other privacy reasons. What caught my attention was that while looking through his profile he stated he was from the Netherlands, and staying in Canada for a few months. The reason this caught my attention and me personally vulnerable, was that I used to know someone who was also “dutch”, well flemish (from northern belgium). Since this caught my interest, and kind of reminded me of him, I decided to message T.
We got along pretty well but even in the first conversation there were some red flags, he told me he was 17 (also stated on his profile) and that he was staying in a town near mine to work for his uncle at an animal clinic till the summer. He also claimed he had his own car and apartment. Although I don't really know how the education system works, from what I've heard, dutch students can graduate early and take a gap year before they decide to go to university/college, so this could make sense. However, some red flags were that 1. The legal driving age in the Netherlands and many other european countries is 18, he wouldn't have his own car, and he wouldn’t be able to get a license in Canada as a non Canadian citizen. 2. Getting his own apartment seems too good to be true, his family would have to rent it out for him, and honestly that would be alot of money, also it would be stupid to let a 17 year boy alone like that. 3. He was immediately nice and way to flirty, I can't remember much but looking back, it was sketchy. 4. He claimed he didn’t have instagram nor snapchat, but gave me his number, where we communicated on whatsapp. Unfortunately, I did not think to double check the legal driving age in the Netherlands, nor think that it's strange he did not have basic social media such as instagram. We talked the rest of that night on whatsapp where he showed me photos of his dog, food he cooked and he complimented me way too much. Being naive at the time I really thought this was gonna be the start of something great.
The next few days go by and we move too fast, talking about how he wants to date me, talking about things we could do together once we get familiar. (This was extremely manipulative and predatory behaviour looking back, he was trying to groom me). To add on, he claimed he used to play soccer and was at the national level, which i think was a lie considering what i found out later on, and the fact he might have used it to impress me, considering I am more the athletic type, having qualified for nationals (i won't name the sport to keep confidential).
We both wanted to call and we did so on Skype. This means i have him on skype too, and this is how I know his last name (which is a key element). On the skype calls, he looked just like his pictures on yubo where he said he was 17, he didn’t have facial hair and could pass for a 17 year old. He was much different on skype then on text, he talked more sexually and kept going on about how he’s good at it because he was experienced, and how he wants to make the woman feel good, etc. He also said that he didn’t want to force me if i wasnt ready, that sex on the first date isn’t expected, but he also doesn’t see an issue if i were to give him a handjob or something. Looking back, he was quite narcissistic and perverted, always talking about himself and rambling, but still somewhat polite. He had a noticeable accent which makes sense because he's dutch, but he claims he's been to Canada multiple times and had lots of stories about it, (they made sense but they could be fake if he just did some research).
This goes on for a week, until the night before a competition I had (Wednesday, January 29th 2020). His replies became noticeably more short, which felt odd since he was the type to write paragraphs. I didn't question it until the next day, (Thursday, the 30th) at my competition, where i asked why he was so quiet, he said he was “vibing with some girl” and sent a photo of him, with makeup editing on, but at first, i thought it was real. I confronted and he told me to chill, and it was a joke, but he inwas thinking he immediately lost interest (looking back i was stupid for thinking so, but i was used to people leaving and i really liked him, so i was panicking. Also, I was tired from having just come back from my competition and having my exams that week). He then apologizes and says “it was just a joke, you’re making me feel like a murdered a baby”, and then spammed with with those gif stickers on whatsapp, he sent tons, like maybe 30, it was extremely weird and it frightened me more, he was acting crazy at this point, denying my emotions and i felt scared and a little stupid, worried about if this was going to work. I was actually crying because I was so scared of losing something that could be great. I said I was going to sleep and I apologized, claiming I was tired and I said goodnight, he replied with a stone cold “bye”.
On Friday, the 31st, I texted him good morning and he said “hi”, acting completely different from the days before, I asked about last night and why he was acting weird (the spamming stickers and cold texts). He acted like he had no clue what I was talking about, I said I felt scared and he says that the photo of him filtered as a girl was a joke (it was a filter but still not funny to me) he said I needed to calm down, that i was overreacting and that he was busy for one day and that i blew up at him. I apologized sincerely, I felt shitty and he said that he was a little scared and “oof” from me, because of how i acted from the change of his behaviour, saying “i was busy for one day and you blew up like this”. Me being me, I apologized again saying i promise i wasn’t usually like this. He just left my text on read, didn’t reply, and I felt sick. I did horrible at my competition that night.
On Saturday he still didn’t reply, i decided i needed to focus and i deleted my whatsapp app, (my account was deleted however this erased our conversation). Later in the afternoon, after preliminaries, I decided to redownload the app, due to the fact I didn't have finals that night, (I was really slow due to how stressed I was). When I redownloaded, I saw he blocked me, I checked on skype and the same was done there too.
I was really pale and quiet at this point from how stressed I was, I ended up telling my mom everything, that I met this guy and he ghosted me, she didn’t fully understand and I changed some parts of the story, like how I met him. I tried contacting via another phone with international texting and still nothing. I also tried calling and leaving a voicemail with that phone since it wasnt blocked, it probably was stupid and out of line, but i was doing my best not to lose another person in my life. I didn’t bother looking him up too much (i REALLY should have), my mother advised me to move on so i did, i deleted photos and screenshots of conversations and didn't bother trying to search him up, i had to accept he was gone and that i screwed it all up, i felt like it was all my fault. Looking back I should have thought, and done research, especially on a laptop, right after i had met him.
Eventually weeks go by and nothing happens, I eventually decide I need to focus on my schoolwork, and get good grades, even though I was quite sad about it at the time. A few months later, after lockdown had taken place, i thought about T, i wondered about the Netherlands when i was driving one day, the driving age was 16 here, so what was it in the Netherlands? I looked it up out of curiosity, and then felt concerned to realize the legal age to drive was 18. This is where I had my realization, fucking finally.
I immediately grabbed a laptop and searched his first and last name I had from skype, there was not much but i found a Linkedin. I made my own damn account to see his full page, where it stated he had a bachelors degree in international business at a university in the Netherlands. It was his profile with his face, but his job was odd. I've never heard of an “Esports Manager” but reading about his love for gaming was odd when he never even mentioned it to me, also the timeline of his bachelor and his 10+years experience, starting at 13 meant he must have been at least 23 years old. His profile stated he lives near Rotterdam, which makes sense considering it matches with the area code of his phone number, also the +31 is for the Netherlands, so he is most likely dutch. This same information was also available on his twitter bio. I kept doing tons of research, I even went on google images and after searching his name I found a link to a public instagram page. Not his though, his girlfriend’s. I'll call her K:
From what i see , K seems to be a 20 year old woman in finland, who does art. She must still be with him considering her profile picture was his face, she had photos of him from as far as 3 years ago, with them kissing, holding hands and him being tagged, so i naturally was able to see he had an instagram too, but i couldn’t access it (he found my account first and must have blocked me before i ever knew). As soon as he got my full name from skype, it would have made it easy for him to find me there and block my account, so I’ll never know. Fortunately i have a second account which i was able to see he had one, with his profile picture being K’s face, but his account was private and i wasn’t gonna take the risk of following him, he would know it was me. I checked his Facebook too, and there was no mention of him ever doing soccer, which adds to the fact it was probably a lie, although it didn't seem like he used it much. Also, K was not living in the Netherlands, but still in Finland, her instagram was filled with photos of her all over the world, she must be one to travel a lot. There are photos of her in New York, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Her last name is also finnish and her facebook and facebook relatives are all Finnish too. I think she and T were in a sort of long distance relationship, but see eachother often by travelling each summer.
I was able to recover old screenshots I sent my friends in January when I was freaking out over the whole situation, and i have a document with all the links to any media or page online relating/identifying to him. I told my friends and they obviously called me out for being stupid, i feel like ive lost some respect from some of them, i dont blame them. It sucks because now one of my closest friends thinks im crazy for dutch guys, and that im legitimately dumb, basically hinting that i shouldn’t have expected anything, and she was right. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. This definitely was something i should have seen, and i was ignoring all the warning signs.
I was advised by them to go to the police and tell my mother. I told my mother and she kind of explained that its not safe going to police, if i don't have enough evidence then it’ll look like i made false accusations, especially considering i don't have the messages where he said he was 17, or any where i said i was 16, plus i lost our whatsapp conversation, all i have is the skype conversation which doesn’t have anything incriminating. She also advised i dont tell K either, it might get me in trouble too, and her reaction is unpredictable. As much as I want to, I most likely won't start anything, I don't want to start personal or legal drama.
It's kind of hard sometimes after all this. First of all, i feel like an idiot. Second, I have proof to expose a pedofile, and get T in trouble for luring a minor (he did want to meet up with me). Third, this information would ruin a 3 year relationship, and honestly that poor girl probably has to deal with his narcissistic and manipulative behaviour, but then again i really don't know what they are both like. But most importantly, i could have been a victim of statutory rape, maybe even have fallen into what could have been a human trafficker trying to groom me.
The reason I say this is because of him mentioning his uncle quite a bit, and his job of being a secretary that works from home for the clinic, but sometimes coming in to do office work, saying that his schedule could be all over the place. When i asked about it he mentioned he takes a lot of calls and manages clients, this could be a far stretch but he was eager to meet me, who knows what could have happened if i did. Also, an “ESports Manager” seems sketchy, and that was enough to get him his own place? I understand that some elements of video games and tournaments can rank up some money, and they’re is proof of him actually being one, even one showing him being a leader for a professional gaming team for ACER in a CSGO tournament. I found this on an esports website and there were also a few tweets about it where they @ him. But still, it could be a potential side job.
There's also another theory of mine that he was never in Canada, and used a vpn to lie about his location on yubo and he could have used google maps to seem knowledgeable about the region im in, however his knowledge about stores and places he claimed he visited seemed to specific and i don't see why he would waste time lying about that, especially when he wanted to meet up irl. Unless he would only be trying to get photos from me, but I wasn't willing to. Which might be why he easily opted out. If he was in Canada, i'm assuming he flew back home anyway because of the pandemic.
Also, he deleted his yubo account, i'm not sure if he made another despite me looking around, i've now deleted that application because i no longer wish to meet new people, i've learned to be content with my life with a few close friends, i don't need a boyfriend.
If i'm honest, i think i am extremely lucky to have had him block me after a week, i could have learned this lesson in a much more traumatic way. I keep tabs on her instagram and I have been able to figure out who some of T’s relatives are via Facebook. I know I seem creepy but it's my way of trying to fully understand who this person was, and if I ever decide to tell the police, I have loads of contacts. Also, i started writing this in august, its now end of september and after doing some more digging, i saw he updated his facebook and twitter to show he lives in Finland now. I think they might have moved in together, but who knows.
I made an imgur and I have a post with photo evidence, however i don't want to break the rules of the sub and I'm here to tell my story, not expose someone.
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2020.09.25 21:19 Major_Passenger5992 My relationship (advice appreciated)

Now this is a rather long story and might get buried so and is my first time posting. Now when I met my girlfriend I was in a bad stage of my life I was 20 and was trying to get over my dad dieing when I was 12, my mum turning into an alcoholic and embarrassing me to the point I had to carry/drag from town centre drunk in a town were well known and respected by smoking 30 pound of weed a day drinking and doing coke. I met my girlfriend in a bar I approached her and got her number ( she is 10 years older and I lied about my age to get the number) she is a real winner gorgeous funny responsible, smart and just over all great we dated for a bit and after 3 months she became pregnant we had the child and all was well then 6 months later I fuckee up. I was drinking at a mates house proper wasted and he ended up ordering two escorts and I slept with one. I tried to hide it as I was ashamed disgusted and guilty but she found out ( also during the pregnancy when we first met i was going through court and ended up getting community service and tag and ahe stuck with me top las she is really is) after she found out are relationship was rocky and because she didn't trust me now and and there was a lot of arguing I lashed out and said a lot of horrible stuff over the next year and she still stuck with me ( will be worth noting now after my daughter was born i gave up all drugs ) however 2 months ago she found out inatill had been doing drugs nothing like before but on a heavy night out would have a line pr two, still dreadful. There's other stuff which has happened but these are the main points, now we are trying to work through it but we're struggling as im still having trust and opening up issues from my past and are quick to defend myself and swear even though I'm in the wrong bow I love this women and want to spend my life with her, is it possible? What can I do? How do I stop being so defensive and an asshole basically. Tldr im a dick to an amazing women and want to make it better.
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2020.09.25 16:15 Rogan4Life Bianca Belair vs. Asuka (c) - WrestleMania: How to get there (Part One)

I will stop at TLC in December as the dates for the 2021 events are not set yet. I’ll alternate between each wrestler, PPV to PPV. 4 weeks of Asuka, then 4 weeks of Bianca.
Basic Story Arch - Asuka goes into WrestleMania as the RAW Women’s Champion - Belair becomes the challenger without losing a singles match by pin fall or submission - This will begin after Clash of Champions - I will write PPV to PPV switching between the two characters until they come together - Melina will join RAW
Asuka retains against Zelina Vega. ———————————————————
Asuka, Mickie James, Natalya, Lana - Mickie James wins a enchantment match on RAW. Mickie has an interview post match saying even though she lost last week, she feels a title shot is owed based on their last match with the questionable finish
Bianca, Peyton Royce - For the next two weeks, air more of the same workout vignettes.
Asuka, Mercedes, Mia Yim - Asuka is doing a backstage interview but before she can speak, she is attacked viciously by Retribution.
Bianca, Peyton Royce - Medical update on Bianca and promote Peyton for next week
Asuka, Melina *Melina has already debuted and hasn’t lost yet
Bianca Belair, Mandy Rose, Peyton Royce, Zelina Vega, Mickie James, Shayna Baszler
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2020.09.25 03:43 xylopolist The Rookie Report: Week 3 Starts & Sits

Welcome back to the Rookie Report! Hopefully your fantasy team came out of week 2 without a bunch of red letters next to players’ names. Last weekend was a bloodbath across the NFL as 4 players who may have been 1st round picks in your fantasy draft left the week with injuries (CMC, Saquon, Davante Adams & Julio Jones), along with a host of others. If your fantasy team didn’t suffer major injuries, you came out of the week in pretty good shape. Some of these injuries are going to open the door for rookies to step into bigger roles in the immediate future, and I’m here to help you sort through what to do with your rookies in week 3. Let’s dive in…
Editor's Note: This article was posted before the start of Thursday Night Football (Dolphins @ Jaguars).

Rookies to Start:

RB Jonathan Taylor, IND (Wk. 3: vs. NYJ): This one is a no-brainer. Taylor put the Colts’ offense on his back last Sunday against Minnesota, and he’s likely to do the same this week with Indy favored by double-digits. The Jets are much tougher against the run than they are against the pass, but volume alone should get Taylor where he needs to be. The Jets have allowed the 8th-most RB points per game this season. He’s a locked in RB1 this week with top-5 potential. He’ll likely be a chalk play for DFS cash games even at his $7,000 DraftKings price tag.
RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC (Wk. 3: @ BAL): This is not an ideal matchup for CEH. I mention him as a guy to start because you know the volume will be there. You likely drafted him in the first round, and there really aren’t any weeks to sit your first-round pick if he’s healthy. The Ravens allowed the 6th-fewest RB points per game a season ago, and have allowed THE fewest so far in 2020. They also ranked 4th in Football Outsiders’ run defense DVOA stat in 2019 (3rd so far in 2020). Edwards-Helaire is more of a contrarian DFS play this week, but you have to run him out there in season-long leagues. Just know to temper your expectations a little bit.
RB Josh Kelley, LAC (Wk. 3: vs. Car.): Week 3 has a chance to be Kelley’s best week all year. There is no better matchup for a running back than the Carolina Panthers, and everything shapes up for Kelley to see at least 15 carries. The Panthers’ run defense is bad by any metric. They ranked dead last in Football Outsiders’ run defense DVOA stat in 2019 and rank 29th so far in 2020. They also allowed the most RB fantasy points last year, and have allowed the most so far in 2020, and they’ve been surrendering rushing touchdowns at a ridiculous rate. Carolina has allowed 18 rushing touchdowns in their last 7 games dating back to last season, including 3 in each of the first two games this year. Kelley and Ekeler split the lead back role pretty evenly in week 2, and I didn’t see anything from Kelley that makes me think that will change this week. The rookie has a very solid floor in this one and has top-12 upside if he’s able to get in the end zone. He should probably be in your lineup if you have him.
RB James Robinson, JAX (Wk. 3: vs. Mia.): Everything is setting up for a breakout for Robinson on the national stage on Thursday night. The rookie has looked great through two weeks in average matchups. He’s the RB26 so far on the season in PPR scoring, and he’s looked even better than that ranking would suggest. He’ll face off with one of the worst run defenses in the league in week 3. The Dolphins have ranked in the bottom-4 in the league in run defense DVOA both last season and so far in 2020 and have given up 5.1 yards per carry on the ground so far this season. I expect Robinson to have a bit of a coming-out party on Thursday night and think a top-15 finish for the week is very possible.
WR CeeDee Lamb, DAL (Wk. 3: @ SEA): Lamb has wasted no time showing why the Cowboys were thrilled when he fell to them in the first round of the NFL draft. He’s clearly an integral part of the offense with 15 targets in the first two weeks. The Seahawks are 2-0, but they have a burnable secondary and have given up an insane 831 passing yards through two weeks. This is a spot to get all of the Cowboys’ pass-catchers into your lineup, especially after head coach Mike McCarthy told the media he has no intention to try and milk the clock to keep the ball away from Russell Wilson. This should be the most entertaining game of the week, and CeeDee Lamb should be a solid WR2 in it.
WR Laviska Shenault, JAX (Wk. 3: vs. Mia.): Along with James Robinson, Viska may also be in line for a big night. DJ Chark has been ruled out, leaving Shenault and Keelan Cole as the top 2 receivers. You may have 3 better options than Shenault on your team and not be able to find a place in your lineup for him, but he’s going to be a huge part of the game plan. The Jaguars will move him around enough to keep him away from Xavien Howard, and with Bryon Jones out that will put him in some mismatches in his favor. Shenault is an upside WR3 on Thursday night against a Miami secondary that let Josh Allen throw for 411 yards last week.

Borderline Rookies:

QB Joe Burrow, CIN (Wk. 3: @ PHI): Burrow had a very nice fantasy day last Thursday night against the Browns, but it could’ve been even better if he hadn’t been so hell-bent on forcing the ball to AJ Green all night. The Eagles’ secondary hasn’t been great so far this year ranking 27th in pass defense DVOA, but the best member of that secondary, Darius Slay, should be shadowing Green. If Burrow can avoid tunnel vision with Green again, there is a chance at a respectable day. I wouldn’t be considering Burrow in 1-QB leagues and his outlook this week isn’t as rosy as his matchup with the Browns was, but he should be a low-end QB2 option with a very solid floor.
RB Antonio Gibson, WAS (Wk. 3: @ CLE): Gibson seems to have wrestled the starting job away from Peyton Barber in Washington, and with so many running backs injured right now you may be forced to play him. Just be aware this isn’t a great matchup and he’ll still cede some work to Barber and JD McKissic. The Washington offense as a whole isn’t a high-scoring unit and has an implied total of just 18.5 points this week. The Browns did give up two short yardage scores to JK Dobbins in week one, but have still allowed the 7th-fewest RB points per game and rank 4th in run defense DVOA. Gibson’s volume makes him an enticing flex option, but he’s far from an automatic start and not someone I would be using in DFS lineups this week.
RB D’Andre Swift, DET (Wk. 3: @ ARI): What a difference a week makes for the Lions’ backfield usage. In week one with the Lions leading most of the day, Adrian Peterson touched the ball 17 times while Swift handled just 6 touches. In week 2 with the team trailing Green Bay for most of the game, Swift out-touched Peterson 10-to-7. The key for Swift is that he’s been heavily involved in the passing game with 8 receptions on 10 targets through 2 weeks. The Lions are a 5.5-point underdog this week, so the usage should slant in Swift’s direction again, and Arizona has allowed scores each of the last two weeks to backs with similar skill-sets to Swift (Jerick McKinnon & Antonio Gibson). Swift is in play as a PPR flex option in a game where Detroit has an implied total of 24.5.
WR Jerry Jeudy, DEN (Wk. 3: vs. TB): The injury to Courtland Sutton moves Jeudy up to the top of the Broncos’ WR depth chart, and thanks to how much time he spends in the slot he’ll be able to avoid Tampa’s top CB Carlton Davis for most of this game. Jeudy lines up in the slot on about two-thirds of his snaps. No team allowed more points to opposing wide receivers than Tampa a year ago, and they allowed DJ Moore and Robby Anderson to each top 100 yards last week. Jeudy should be in line to see 7+ targets this week and is very much in the WR3 conversation in all formats.
WR Michael Pittman Jr., IND (Wk. 3: vs. NYJ): Pittman stands to be the biggest beneficiary of Parris Campbell’s trip to the IR. His snap share rose from 53% in week 1 up to 92% in week 2 with Campbell going down on his first touch of the game. Pittman should continue to be a full-time player at least until Campbell returns. This game figures to be a blowout where Indy will lean on Jonathan Taylor and the run game, but Pittman was targeted 6 times in a game that went that way last week. The Colts have an implied total of 27 points, and dating back to the start of last season, 66% of the offensive TDs the Jets have allowed have been through the air. At 6’4”, Pittman figures to be a factor in the red zone. If he gets 6+ targets in this one, he’ll have a great chance at finishing among the top-40 WRs and should outproduce his $4,000 price tag in DraftKings.

Rookies to Sit:

QB Justin Herbert, LAC (Wk. 3: vs. Car.): I think it’s very likely that Herbert has a better real game than fantasy game this week. As I laid out with Josh Kelley above, Carolina has been absolutely shredded on the ground since the start of last season, especially in the red zone. I’d expect a lot of Austin Ekeler and Josh Kelley in this game. The Chargers are a 6.5-point favorite in this one and Christian McCaffrey, the engine of the Panthers’ offense, is sidelined. It feels like the most likely outcome is that the Chargers get out in front and stay there. I’d probably view Herbert as no more than a low-end QB2 this week due to limited passing volume.
RB Zack Moss, BUF (Wk. 3: vs. LAR): In a typical week with so many top running backs out, I’d be telling you to consider a guy like Moss as a flex option. He’s seeing plenty of red zone usage on a surprisingly potent Bills offense that has an implied total of 25 points this week. Unfortunately, he’s also dealing with a toe injury that has him not practicing yet as of Thursday. I think even if Moss plays he’ll be less effective than usual. The Rams are not a run defense to be afraid of, but I’d lean against starting Moss this week even if he is able to suit up. He’ll probably need to find the end zone to return any value.
RB JK Dobbins, BAL (Wk. 3: vs. KC): I fell for the trap on Dobbins a little bit after his week 1 breakout game. I already believed in his talent coming into the season, but week 1 made me believe he’ll get enough usage to be start-able in fantasy. Week 2 threw a bit of a wet blanket on that. The snap share wasn’t drastically different from week 1 to 2, but the touches were. Dobbins handled 7 carries in week 1 including 2 carries from the 2-yard line that he cashed in for scores, but in week 2 he touched the ball just 3 times. He managed to avoid a complete dud of a week by breaking off a 44-yard run to set up kneel downs at the end of the game. Mark Ingram & Gus Edwards combined for 4 red zone carries to Dobbins’ zero in week 2. The Ravens have one of the highest implied totals of the week at 28.5, but if you play Dobbins you’re counting on him getting in the end zone. I’d avoid starting him this week unless you’re in a tough spot due to injuries. He could be a reasonable fall-back flex option if you’re waiting on a player like Davante Adams for Sunday night or Sammy Watkins Monday, but Tre’Quan Smith and Mecole Hardman are guys that are probably available in your leagues that I would prefer in those situations.
RB Cam Akers, LAR (Wk. 3: @ BUF): Akers seems like to a long-shot to play this week, and I’d expect that if he does suit up he’ll be mainly there as insurance in case something happens to Darrell Henderson. I’d expect Henderson to handle the bulk of the work. The Bills aren’t an impenetrable run defense, but they aren’t one to target either, allowing the 12th fewest RB points per game so far this year (14th-fewest last year).
WRs Henry Ruggs & Bryan Edwards, LV (Wk. 3: @ NE): Ruggs and Edwards failed to do much last Monday in a game where the Raiders offense dominated possession, and this week they’ll face a Patriots’ secondary that is among the best in the league. Don’t be fooled by what the Seahawks did to them last week. Derek Carr continued to effectively lead his ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ offense, dinking-and-dunking to Darren Waller and his running backs, and handing the ball to Josh Jacobs. The Patriots biggest personnel losses due to COVID opt-outs and players changing teams last offseason were in the defensive front 7. That’s the part of the defense that I’d expect the Raiders to attack. If Josh Jacobs sits, things get a little more interesting (he was held out of practice Thursday), but neither Ruggs nor Edwards would be more than a desperation flex play. I’d prefer Ruggs to Edwards this week if I had to choose one.
WR Justin Jefferson, MIN (Wk. 3: vs. Ten.): Jefferson has been on the field quite a bit in the first two weeks of the season, but the Vikings’ passing game has been a low-volume attack that runs through Adam Thielen. A third of all of Minnesota’s targets have gone to Thielen while Jefferson has been targeted just 6 times at an average depth of 8.8 yards downfield. Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak talked about wanting to do a better job of getting the ball in his hands this week, but at that same presser said they need to run the football more. The Vikings already rank 31st in the league in pass attempts DESPITE playing from behind on 79 of their 96 offensive snaps so far this year…and Kubiak wants to run more. The matchup isn’t terrible for Jefferson this week on paper. On any snaps in the slot he should be lining up against 7th-round rookie corner Chris Jackson (PFF grade of just 27.2 through two weeks), but the Minnesota passing game is fundamentally broken right now. I wouldn’t look at Jefferson as anything other than a low-priced DFS dart throw in a limited slate tournament.
WR Chase Claypool, PIT (Wk. 3: vs. Hou.): Claypool’s final stat line in week 2 was impressive, finishing with 17.8 PPR points, but almost all of it came on one long TD catch. Outside of an 84-yard score, he had just 2 catches for 4 yards and played a total of just 24 snaps. It’s clear the Steelers are trying to get him involved and are drawing up a couple of shot plays for him each week, but his limited playing time makes him a risky weekly option. Houston has been a bottom-10 pass defense in terms of DVOA since the start of last season and gave up 12 pass plays of 40+ yards in 2019 (T-7th most in the league) but they haven’t given one up yet in 2020. Claypool is best left to DFS tournaments this week. The weekly floor is going to be below 5 PPR points until he moves up in the depth chart.
WR Van Jefferson, LAR (Wk. 3: @ BUF): Jefferson split the Rams’ WR3 snaps almost evenly with Josh Reynolds in week 1, but in week 2 he was out-snapped 42-to-26. That didn’t stop him from outproducing Reynolds with a 4-45 line on 5 targets (Reynolds went 2-33 on 2). Some of that target volume was undoubtedly the result of Robert Woods facing off with Darius Slay (Woods was targeted just 5 times), and although Woods gets another tough matchup this week in Tre’Davious White, it’ll be tough to rely on Jefferson unless he fully takes over the WR3 role. Jefferson doesn’t have a picnic of a matchup himself facing off with Levi Wallace, who was Pro Football Focus’s highest graded rookie cornerback a year ago. Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee are the Rams’ pass-catchers to target this week.
WR Brandon Aiyuk, SF (Wk. 3: @ NYG): Aiyuk’s debut was mostly inauspicious. He played 72% of the team’s snaps but was targeted just 3 times and finished with 2 catches for 21 yards. The offense will look a bit different this week with Nick Mullens under center and the combo of Jerick McKinnon and Jeffrey Wilson Jr. splitting the backfield duties. George Kittle could be out again as well. I’d look for the Niners to have a conservative game plan, but it’s hard to know exactly what that will look like. I’d probably avoid any 49ers for your lineups this week aside from Kittle (if he plays), Jordan Reed (if Kittle doesn’t play), and the two running backs I mentioned. You can’t trust Aiyuk to have a useful fantasy day based on what we saw last week.
WR Gabriel Davis, BUF (Wk. 3: vs. LAR): Davis is playing more snaps than you would expect for a number 4 wide receiver, but it isn’t translating to targets yet. Josh Allen has thrown the ball 81 times for 729 yards and 6 scores through two weeks, but Davis has seen just 3 of those targets and turned them into 3-22-1. The matchup this week should involve Jalen Ramsey following Stefon Diggs all over the field, so it could result in a little bit more volume for everyone else, but it would take a pretty sizable bump in volume to make Davis anything more than a TD dart throw. He remains a guy worth stashing in dynasty leagues though.
WR John Hightower, PHI (Wk. 3: vs. Cin.): With the news that Jalen Reagor has a torn ligament in his thumb Wednesday, Hightower is once again worth mentioning this week. He played 40% of the snaps in week 1 with everyone healthy, but that was with both Reagor and DeSean Jackson being limited to little more than half of the offensive snaps each. Week 2 saw Jackson and Reagor both function as closer to full-time players and the rest of the receiver group fighting for scraps. With Reagor sidelined, I expect to still see a lot of Jackson, and aside from him a mix of JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward & Hightower. With the Bengals likely to be without Geno Atkins & Mike Daniels at DT, look for Philly to play a lot of 2-TE sets and run the ball a ton. They’ll be eager to take a bit of the load off of Carson Wentz given how he’s played the first two weeks. For Hightower to return value this week, he’ll probably have to catch a deep ball or two, but his average target depth in week 1 was just 8 yards. I’d avoid him even as a bargain basement DFS play.
WR Quintez Cephus, DET (Wk. 3: @ ARI): Kenny Golladay practiced in full on Wednesday and should be good to go for this weekend’s tilt with the Cardinals. Cephus has been on the field more than 70% of the Lions’ snaps with Golladay out the first two weeks, but that number is going to drop drastically this week assuming Kenny G returns. Cephus has lined up in the slot on just 9 snaps. Danny Amendola will continue to serve as the team’s slot receiver with Golladay and Marvin Jones on the outside. Quintez will likely only see a handful of snaps and should be left out of any fantasy lineups this week.
TE Harrison Bryant, CLE (Wk. 3: vs. Was.): Bryant was on the field for more than 50% of the Browns’ offensive snaps last week and gets to face a Washington team that has allowed the 8th-most tight end points per game so far, but he just isn’t seeing the ball come his way enough to be useful. He’ll do just enough to be annoying to people starting Austin Hooper. The Browns’ offense is too run-heavy right now to be targeting either tight end for fantasy.
TE Cole Kmet, CHI (Wk. 3: @ ATL): I’m sure you already know better on this one, but I wanted to make sure you know to not get cute just because the Falcons couldn’t defend Dalton Schultz last Sunday. Kmet is still the Bears #3 tight end, and he should be nowhere near your fantasy lineups.

Deep League Sleepers, Stashes, & Cheap DFS Options:

RB JaMycal Hasty, SF (Wk. 3: @ NYG): Don’t throw Hasty into your lineups for week 3, but he’s an interesting guy to possibly scoop up in dynasty leagues with the injuries to Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman. Hasty is likely to be promoted from the practice squad for this game, and I’d expect him to see at least a few touches. If he manages to impress with those touches he could ascend the depth chart quickly and possibly have a useful week or two in this very running back-friendly offense. He’s a shifty back that can be more dynamic than Jeff Wilson. He’s a player to monitor in deep dynasty leagues if he gets the call-up.
WR Tee Higgins, CIN (Wk. 3: @ PHI): Higgins saw a huge jump in playing time in week 2 with Auden Tate a surprising healthy scratch. I’d expect that to be the case again this week, and he’ll get the most favorable matchup of the receivers. Tyler Boyd will get Nickell Robey-Coleman in the slot, and AJ Green is likely to face off with Darius Slay. Higgins meanwhile will tangle with Avante Maddox. Higgins posted 3-35 on 6 targets last week, and so long as Burrow doesn’t have tunnel vision for AJ Green again, I expect the rookie to exceed that easily. He costs just $3,900 on DraftKings.
WR KJ Hamler, DEN (Wk. 3: vs. TB): With the news that Courtland Sutton is out for the season, Hamler suddenly finds himself to be a much bigger part of Denver’s plans. He was an explosive playmaker in college, and new QB Jeff Driskel has shown flashes of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s YOLO style back when he was in Detroit. This week isn’t an ideal matchup for Hamler since he will likely see a lot of ascending star CB Carlton Davis (Jerry Jeudy has worked mostly from the slot and is likely to avoid Davis), but Driskel targeted Hamler 7 times last week after coming on in relief of Lock. Driskel averaged 8.2 intended yards per attempt last year, which would’ve put him in the top half of all QBs if he played enough to qualify, and he was at 12.4 intended yards per attempt on Sunday. Hamler is a bit of a shoot the moon option this week as a minimum-priced WR on DraftKings. He also shouldn’t be on your league’s waiver wire in 12-team leagues.
WR Darnell Mooney, CHI (Wk. 3: @ ATL): Mooney’s impressive week 1 performance did in fact lead to more playing time in week 2. The Bears were comfortable enough with Mooney that they made Ted Ginn a healthy scratch for week 2 and let Mooney play 60% of the offensive snaps. Atlanta is an inviting matchup for receivers. Both Atlanta games this season have turned into shootouts with over 700 yards of combined passing offense in each. I don’t know that Chicago has the firepower to make that 3 in a row, but I like Mooney’s chances at a surprisingly solid week. I’d expect him to have a season-high in catches and yards, and he’s a sneaky flex option for deep leagues and costs the minimum in DraftKings.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Hopefully it helps you make some of your tougher lineup decisions involving rookies. It’ll be especially important this week to keep an eye on the injury report. There are a lot of statuses still up in the air as of this writing. Make sure you’re vigilant enough that you don’t start any inactive players, and make sure that whoever you put in your flex spot is the player in your lineup who plays the latest game of the week at his position. You don’t want to stuck without a fallback if a player is a last minute scratch like Tyrod Tylor or James White (condolences to him and his family this week). Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you have any questions or want to yell at me about anything written above (@Shawn_Foss). As always: Good luck, trust your gut, and have fun. It’s just a game. Original article from
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2020.09.25 02:11 sanguinesecretary Lucky Scent Haul - Strangers Parfumerie, Goldfield and Banks, PdM, MFK, etc.

24F been wanting to try new things and branch out. I have a lot of perfume but it’s hard to try new things in the niche world since I have to rely on buying samples or blind buying. I decided to do a haul of 13 luckyscent samples to try out since I’ve been getting bored recently. I tend to like things that are more deep and warm. Orientals, spices, florals, or things that have a very rich ambevanilla base. Sweet smells can go either way but I generally tend to stay away from things that are very fresh, aquatic and citrusy.
I think it was a fairly successful haul and I found a few that I definitely plan on getting full sizes of.
  1. Parfums de Marly Delina- Wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Delicate and feminine. Not really my style but I can really see why people like it. Probably one of the prettiest rose fragrances I've tried to date and the rhubarb in here brings a lovely touch and really popped out on my skin. I don't think I'd buy it for myself but I'd definitely recommend if you like fruity floral and I know a lot of people in my life who would absolutely love this. Very easy to wear.
  2. Parfums de Marly Safanad - Very elegant orange blossom/vanilla. Melts into the skin very beautifully. Almost has a bit of a tanning oil kind of vibe to me. Definitely is a little more my style than Delina. Not sure that I'd pull the trigger on a full bottle but it's quite lovely.
  3. Strangers Perfumerie Sangre Dulce - Holy moly. This is my favorite by far. The note list on this one really drew me in. Sangria is the dominant note when you first smell this and it's a little bit sharp, almost bitter but when this dries I got a lot of the maple syrup, strawberry brown sugar coming out. It settles into a very cozy, sweet, syrupy scent but it's very dirty underneath because of the civet and tobacco. Not your typical "gourmand" at all. It's delicious and playful yet daring and bold and it just hits me in all the right places. I couldn’t stop smelling myself when I wore this and this is for sure going to be my next full bottle purchase. Just an absolute masterpiece.
  4. Strangers Perfumerie Magenta Pop - This one also has a wine note but is much more grape-centered. The opening on this one was extremely off-putting and reminded me of cough syrup. Made me a little nauseated but once it settled a bit it turned into a very gentle, friendly sweet scent that reminded me of walking into a candy shop. Much more bright and friendly than Sangre Dulce. I definitely don’t like it quite as much as that one but I think I’d buy a bottle of it as well. Maybe more for when I’m in the mood for something sweet and playful.
  5. Strangers Perfumerie Salted Green Mango -Bright, aquatic, salty, fresh. Very easy to wear. Like drinking a margarita with a bowl of fruit sitting next to you on the beach with the wind blowing in your hair. Great summer-time scent for sure. Been on the hunt for fresh aquatic scents that I actually like since that is not my category of choice. This one may be a contender. Need to do some more testing. My least favorite out of the strangers line that I got but it is beautiful nonetheless.
  6. Parfums Prissana Mandarava - Another one by Prin This one is Breathtakingly beautiful and elegant. And after hearing the story of why he created it (his grandmother died and this is his interpretation of the scent of heaven) it made me love it even more. This is more than just a perfume it’s a work of art. I thought it’d be a little challenging especially with the extensive note list and while it does have a very “vintage” type of smell it is very pleasant so don’t be put off by that.
  7. Goldfield and Banks Southern Bloom - Very pretty springtime floral scent. It’s quite powdery with the iris being very prominent but as it dries it gets a little more sweet. Great for spring.
  8. Goldfield and Banks Velvet Splendour - Bright woody, floral, with a creamy base. Perfect spring fragrance. I’d buy it for sure. For me it has exactly what I found to be lacking in Southern Bloom.
  9. Goldfield and Banks Desert Rosewood - Cozy, spicy, woodsy. Great for fall and wintertime if you like spice but not too heavy. Definitely has a bit of a sweet vanilla undertone. I like this one.
  10. Hilde Soliani Orgasmo - Ehh. Not my fave. It’s nice If you like amaretto but this is my second or third Fragrance centered around it and I just don’t think it’s for me. Kinda makes me a little queasy.
  11. Hilde Soliani Cristina - Vanilla, labdanum, and patchouli. This one is very woodsy. The vanilla is not very strong but is definitely there. The patchouli is more at the forefront. Almost makes me think of Angel but without all the chocolate. Not bad.
  12. Maison Francis Kurkdijan Grand Soir - I love Amber and Vanilla so I knew I had to try this. It’s a very elegant, classy, and refined take on this type of scent. I think I have too much that smells similar to this so I don’t think I’d buy it at that price tag but it’s very nice nonetheless. Definitely worth a sniff.
  13. Rook Amber (2020) - Wow. This one is interesting. Very Smokey and woody with a cozy vanilla dry down. At first sniff it made me think of a tree burning down In the forest. Like smoke, wood, and a hint of tree sap. Don’t overdo it on the sprays cause it is heavy and leaves a prominent trail. Very unisex. Though I think I’d love this on a man even more. May end up buying this as well.
Leave some suggestions on what you think I should try next and let me know what you think of these if you’ve tried them.
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2020.09.25 00:49 wolfyin7 Thank god for a relatively smooth purchase and registration process

Just received my registration in the mail this morning to conclude (well, there's still the title but that can wait) a pretty positive trade-in experience with Carvana.

Vehicle Selection
It was the end of August when I decided to trade in my old Jeep for a newer Wrangler, and started browsing online for suitable options (wanted a newer JL with some newer features like apple carplay and stuff). I live in Western Massachusetts and the dealers around me don't have the inventory i wanted, and i didn't want to buy a new one. I monitored Carvana's inventory for a while and noticed how fast their cars went, but most of the cars with the options I want are previously rental cars, and I wanted to stay away from those. One day I was browsing and away from home (in NYC), so the website set my location to be NYC and I saw a Wrangler that perfectly meet my requirements, but strangely, it wasn't in the list if I switch the option back to western MA. I saw the car's location was only in Indiana so i thought the delivery fee to NY/MA is probably not much different, so I added it to my Saved list. When I got home and dug out the title for my previous car for the trade in, I didn't know if I was able to start the purchasing process since it wasn't an option when I search the cars in my area, but it turned out to be fine and I was able to start the purchasing process with the same amount of delivery fee displayed before. So I guess if you don't see the car you want, try to change your location and browse elsewhere, there might be some cars you're not seeing in the list in your location. Now since the Massachusetts RMV requires the title form to be signed by your insurance agent prior to taking possession of the vehicle, I had to complete the form within 24 hours after Carvana sent it to me. I've seen other buyers in MA that had to do a 3 way call with Carvana and their insurance agent, but for GEICO I literally just requested a signed form through their online portal and filled in the rest after I added the new car to my policy, so it was really no hassle or anything.
Important: if you receive any documents from Carvana for you to sign, make sure to check all the details they filled in. For my MA title form the guy really did a bad job filling in my information and I had to call them to make several corrections on the form. And they still messed up my name on the purchase agreement for my trade-in vehicle on the delivery handoff, so I had to write corrections on the form and sign initial for the corrections.

I set the delivery to 8 days later so it gives them enough time to figure out logistics. Plus transporting from Indiana to MA is not like going across the entire country, but I was still worried as there're so many horror stories on this sub about sudden change of delivery date with a short notice, or "delivery truck breaking down", lol. Luckily, nothing happened to me and I receive a call from the local delivery person an hour before set delivery time, asking me to send a selfie with my driver's license, and proof of insurance on the new vehicle. She arrived on time with a vehicle basically as described on the website, and some of the cosmetic "defects" noted on the website was really hard to see in person, I think it helped when the car I got was a newer model with really low mileage. It was a 2018 model but only sold by the dealership in summer of 19, and I guess the previous owner really only drove it for 8 months until the pandemic hit and had to sell it. When I took it for the test drive, the deliver person stayed in my yard to check my trade-in vehicle, so I wasn't exactly sure what she did to check it. It was a perfectly fine car so there shouldn't be any problems anyway. I did put in the appraisal forms that there was scuffs and scrapes on the car, but there were probably some more that I missed, but the delivery person didn't seem to care.

Now here's where my experience differs from a lot of other buyers on this sub, partially thanks to the painful and somewhat stupid registration laws in MA. Temporary registrations and tags are illegal in MA, and normally you have 7 days to transfer your existing registration to the new vehicle, but with the pandemic they extended the grace period to 21 days after purchase. In the meantime you can just hang your old plates on the new car. News came in delivery that the person told me they're having a 21-28 days delay with the RMV because the transactions are appointment based now, and they were only allowed a certain number of transactions per day with the Mass RMV. The car still came with a temp tag and registration from GA, but it's basically useless to me. This means after 21 days from delivery I would be driving the car without valid registration, but since I'm hanging my old plates, it wouldn't really be a serious problem unless I get pull over by the cops for speeding or something. Even then I can explain to them the delay and everything and the cops usually let it go. The delivery person also told me they only had 1 customer that got pulled over without the valid registration on time and that guy only got a ticket for speeding after explaining everything to the cop. I guess the good thing with that kind of law in MA is that Carvana will start your registration process soon after delivery, instead of waiting after your 7 day period to end (at least that's what the delivery person told me), and I was lucky enough to receive my registration only 15 days after delivery.

Vehicle Inspection
Now even though it's basically a new car with only 7k miles, I still wanted to get a CPO check from the dealership within the 7 day return period, just to make sure. A useful tip for this part is that try to make a service appointment earlier, before delivery, to make sure you have a time slot during the 7 day period, because it's really a 6 day period, and 1 day is Sunday with no dealership opened. I had to call literally every dealership around a 30 mile radius to finally find one with an open appointment slot, thankfully. So make those appointments early if you're bringing into a dealership, and you can always cancel it if your delivery got messed up and had to postpone. Again, thank god the mechanics didn't find any problems so it saved me the hassle to go through with Carvana and SilverRock.

Customer Service Experience
I've seen so many horrible customer service experiences on this sub so when I had to contact them about registration, I just called earlier and selected the call back option. The first call was at 5:45 pm, and I received the callback at 6:30, and another call was at 2:45 pm, and received the call back 2 hours later. So don't bother to stay on the line with the "your wait time is greater than 30 minutes" BS lol, just have them call you back if you can.

Anyways, I consider myself pretty lucky of coming out of the other side of this process in a relatively short period of time, and I hope my experience can be useful to any future buyers in the state of Massachusetts, because our experience can be really different to some of the others on here due to the fucked up laws and RMV lol.
As always, I have them referral codes so please DM me if you started the purchase process (you'll have to get a CS rep through website live chat or phone to apply the code for you along with some information about my purchase). I got one for my purchase from one of you angels on this sub and why would you say no to $500 off?
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2020.09.25 00:17 myninten-mythos [H]Shiny Celebi/Zarude code, Gen7 8 Event,meltan.Melmetal[W]PayPal(USD Only)

Hello, I would like to sell the code and the event.

1.) code

【※】If you wait until the 7-Eleven purchase time, you can replenish it.
・Shiny celebi/Zarude code[]:1 set for $9.85 USD+fees
・1x Pikachu and Eevee uniform codes:1 set for $5+fees

2.) Gen 7 Event|Self Obtained onlyNot Save Manager

The event list is constantly updated.
My timezone is:Japan Standard Time (JST) Link
Trade method::[Gen 7] or [bank→HOME] or HOME
① IVs and Hidden Power cannot be specified.
②Pokemon with no information on nature can select the nature by soft reset (SRing)
③にんてん or にんてん (MYTHOS is my old name. So there is no doubt in my self-acquisition. 2017~2019 Event)
Marshadow(Serial code starts with F725)MT. Tensei100917JPNVideoNature:SRing:OK1 for $26+fees
・1 PGL Shiny Tapu LeleJPNvideo proofNature:SRing ok1 for $30+fees
・1 Shiny LunalaJPNvideo proofNature:SRing ok1 for $16+fees
・1 Shiny SolgaleoJPNvideo proofNature:SRing ok1 for $16+fees
Ash's Pikachu (Hoenn Cap) Ash 091303|JPNVideo Proof1 for $5+fees
Ash's Pikachu (Sinnoh Cap) Ash 060407|JPNVideo Proof1 for $5+fees
Ash's Pikachu (Unova Cap) Ash 021211|JPNVideo Proof1 for $5+fees
Ash's Pikachu (Kalos Cap) Ash 011814|JPNVideo Proof1 for $5+fees
Ash's Pikachu (Alola Cap) Ash 120516|JPNVideo Proof1 for $5+fees
・1 Shiny NecrozmaNature:SRing okJPNvideo proof1 for $15USD+fee
PGL MunnaMild LockedJPNVideo proof1 for $8+fees
Shiny PoipoleCHT,CHS,FRA,ITA,ENG,GER,KOR、JPNNature:Modest Locked180331|울트라|Video Proof1 for $7+fees
・1 Shiny Mimikyu PGLENGNature:SRing okVideo Proof:1 for $25+fees
・PAL CerebiIlex040601JPN tagNature:SRing ok1 for $25USD+fees
Team Rainbow Rocket's Ambition PokémonJPNVideo Proof:1 set $50+fees
Giovanni's NidokingJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10 + fees
・Maxie's CrobatJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10 + fees
・Archie's MightyenaJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10 + fees
・Cyrus's HonchkrowJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10 + fees
・Ghetsis's CofagrigusJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10 + fees
・Lysandre's MienshaoJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10 + fees
Zygarde OT:제너레이션즈 ID:180620 adamant/jollyJPN,ENG,KORVideo:1 for $6 + fees
・ PC ShayminOT:ポケセンID:180425)JPN/ENGNature:SRing okVideo Proof:1 for $10 USD+fees
Line rotom:JPNvideoNature:SRing ok1 for $5+fees
・PC victini トウホク170630Tag:CHT,CHS,FRA,ITA,SPA,GER)Nature:SRing okVideo Proof:$10+fees
・PC 2017 jirachiOTたなばたID:170806CHT,CHS,FRA,ITA,SPA,GER,KORNature:SRing okVideo Proof:$10+fees
・PC 2018 jirachi|OT:たなばた|180801 JPN/ENGNature:SRing okVideo Proof:1 for $10+fees
・Snorlax ID:180314 OT:にほんばしJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10+fees
・Pikachu ID:180314 OT:ポケカフェJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10+fees
・7x Movie JPN ZeraoraJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10USD +fees
Fula City LugiaJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10+fees
Fula City Lugia ENGVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $10+fees
・Scrap manaphyJPNVideo ProofNature:SRing ok:1 for $8+fees
PJCS 2018 GolduckALL(GER:sold out)(JPN Locked)Video Proof:1 for $10+fees
・PJCS 2019 Nidoqueen ALL(ITA,GER:sold out)(JPN Locked)Video Proof:1 for $10+fees
・ Parade pikachuJPN170814proof(※1)Nature:SRing ok1 for $15USD+fees
※1:There are few proof videos due to only a few hours of the event.

3.) Gen 8 & Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee Event|Self Obtained only|Not Save Manager

Trade method:HOME or Gen 8 or LGPE
・1 PokeBall Plus Mew*OT:YOUR HOPEVer:YOUR HOPE$33USD+fees The schedule to obtain it is undecided.
・VGC20 Porygon2│JPN,ENG│video│:1 for $8 +fees
・Shiny ZeraoraALLVideo Proof(Scenes of operating Pokemon Home for smartphones):1 for $8+fees*\*
AmoongussKOR LockedVideo Proof(JPN.kor.eng):1 for $10USD+fees
・1 PC Birthday ChanseyID:181116OT:ポケセン|ENG|Mild Lockedvideo proof|The date is off.LGPE1 for $15+fees
・Meltanpokemon Go$4 USD+fees
・Melmetalpokemon Go$8 USD+fees
・Shiny MeltanHas not appeared

4.) Payment method

Please in currency USD (Not JPN)
Also, if you want to avoid currency troubles, please send me a paypal address in pm.
Fee calculator(international):
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2020.09.24 23:06 ShiteWox $1,200-$1,500 RGB Gaming Build

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Thank you for the help:
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2020.09.24 19:48 The4DSimon [Online][GMT+2/CEST][5e][Streamed] Players/Cast members needed for High-Fantasy Homebrew campaign! [Ongoing]

Hey all, to keep it short I'm a streamer that need more players for an ongoing game! Some points to note down, I heavily base the story and some of the bigger plot points on the backstories of my players. If you think you want your character to get their story out there whilst enjoying a fully custom world with it's own lore then be sure to read the full post and send me a DM after!
IMPORTANT: The game has already been played for around 30 sessions (we are level 6) I also intend to stream this game on Twitch which means that you are required to have a decent microphone and no background noise. Currently we won't be needing a webcam/camera setup but this might be requested later down the line.


Name of the game: The Argon Rapture
System: D&D 5e
Platforms: We will be using Discord for voice chat and Foundry (Very similar to Roll20 but with lots of cool features!). If you aren't familiar with Foundry you can still apply!
Your intro:
Rumors have been going around the continent of a dungeon emanating a green light, enthusiastic adventurers have already tried to find out what is going on with the dungeon but it's doors are closed solid. A loud thumph in the rhythm of a heartbeat can be heard from the other side of the door.
With the rhythm becoming louder every week the capital city of Cervine has put out requests to gather the bravest of people. Potentially lured in by the promise of gold and treasure or to save the people from an unknown disaster, are you brave enough to enter?
With a little bit of intro later I hope to have given you some insight on the current Major plot. This campaign has a handful of Minor plot points that have their own fair share of story connected to them (most of these minor plots are based on backstory's from the party's characters). A lot of the current campaign has been RP related with a mix of combat when it made sense. I'm looking for enthusiastic people to join our current group of rag tag adventurers so that you can conquer the mighty Quad-Dungeon together!


Players needed: 2 additional players (group size total of 6)
Age: The current minimum age to join this group is 20.
Time/Date: The first group will be playing on Thursdays at 7PM GMT+2 (a.k.a. CEST/UTC+2). Be sure you have a stable schedule before applying! (Also send me a smiley face in your direct message so I know you read most of the post)
Nature of the settings: No one may be "evil" without a good reason.
Afraid you won't fit in because you are a new player? As long as you have the urge to learn and are willing to accept that this game has been going on for a little while already then by all means make an application!


You can make a character just like in any other game however I prefer to do this when we're all together and can discuss what directions we go towards. Try not to come in with a pre-existing characters. Maybe some of you even want to be siblings or students from the same school etc.
Thank you for those who read my wall of text, you are a real champion!
If you wish to apply/have questions message me directly and I will give you a google form link to make the application!
I will close this post down in less that 12 hours from making it so be sure to apply before then.
Best of luck to all!
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2020.09.24 19:32 The4DSimon [Online][GMT+2/CEST][5e][Streamed] Players/Cast members needed for High-Fantasy Homebrew campaign! [Ongoing]

Hey all, to keep it short I'm a streamer that need more players for an ongoing game! Some points to note down, I heavily base the story and some of the bigger plot points on the backstories of my players. If you think you want your character to get their story out there whilst enjoying a fully custom world with it's own lore then be sure to read the full post and send me a DM after!
IMPORTANT: The game has already been played for around 30 sessions (we are level 6) I also intend to stream this game on Twitch which means that you are required to have a decent microphone and no background noise. Currently we won't be needing a webcam/camera setup but this might be requested later down the line.


Name of the game: The Argon Rapture
System: D&D 5e
Platforms: We will be using Discord for voice chat and Foundry (Very similar to Roll20 but with lots of cool features!). If you aren't familiar with Foundry you can still apply!
Your intro:
Rumors have been going around the continent of a dungeon emanating a green light, enthusiastic adventurers have already tried to find out what is going on with the dungeon but it's doors are closed solid. A loud thumph in the rhythm of a heartbeat can be heard from the other side of the door.
With the rhythm becoming louder every week the capital city of Cervine has put out requests to gather the bravest of people. Potentially lured in by the promise of gold and treasure or to save the people from an unknown disaster, are you brave enough to enter?
With a little bit of intro later I hope to have given you some insight on the current Major plot. This campaign has a handful of Minor plot points that have their own fair share of story connected to them (most of these minor plots are based on backstory's from the party's characters). A lot of the current campaign has been RP related with a mix of combat when it made sense. I'm looking for enthusiastic people to join our current group of rag tag adventurers so that you can conquer the mighty Quad-Dungeon together!


Players needed: 2 additional players (group size total of 6)
Age: The current minimum age to join this group is 20.
Time/Date: The first group will be playing on Thursdays at 7PM GMT+2 (a.k.a. CEST/UTC+2). Be sure you have a stable schedule before applying! (Also send me a smiley face in your direct message so I know you read most of the post)
Nature of the settings: No one may be "evil" without a good reason.
Afraid you won't fit in because you are a new player? As long as you have the urge to learn and are willing to accept that this game has been going on for a little while already then by all means make an application!


You can make a character just like in any other game however I prefer to do this when we're all together and can discuss what directions we go towards. Try not to come in with a pre-existing characters. Maybe some of you even want to be siblings or students from the same school etc.
Thank you for those who read my wall of text, you are a real champion!
If you wish to apply/have questions message me directly and I will give you a google form link to make the application!
I will close this post down in less that 12 hours from making it so be sure to apply before then.
Best of luck to all!
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2020.09.24 18:26 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 18, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 3-21-1988
3-28-1988 4-4-1988 4-11-1988 *
  • Akira Maeda announced that he’s restarting the Universal Wrestling Federation (the Japan version, not the one Bill Watts had) and they’re running their first show at Korauken Hall on May 12. Nobuhiko Takada and Kazuo Yamazaki, along with Yoji Anjo, Tetsuo Nakano, and Shigeo Miyato are also going with Maeda. All of them are members of the original organization, which closed in September 1985. The official announcement was set for April 8, but the story broke early. Expect matches to be in the style of the original UWF, focusing on a hard martial arts style of kicks and holds with next to no showmanship. UWF lasted 17 months in its original incarnation and gathered a cult following in Tokyo, but it couldn’t draw on the road because they had no tv and the style was fairly impenetrable to all but the hardest core fans. Like, I love Shayna Baszler, but I also don’t want an entire promotion of Shayna Baszlers, and that’s UWF. Anyway, they’re not going to do tours like the other big promotions in Japan, but rather do a big show each month in the big cities only. Their next planned show in Tokyo after the return isn’t until August, and they won’t hit Osaka until December. Back in November Maeda shot on Riki Choshu, breaking two bones under his eye and getting Maeda suspended, before ultimately getting fired on March 1 after he wouldn’t come to terms on a new contract. Dave expects UWF 2.0 to have a hard time making it with only one show a month and videotape as their only revenue streams (yeah, tapes are too expensive for the PWG model to work).
  • And tying into all this, Takada and Yamazaki’s last match in New Japan saw another shoot incident. On March 19 in Korauken Hall, they wrestled Kuniaki Kobayashi and Norio Honaga, and Kobayashi slapped Yamazaki hard at the opening bell. Since he apparently was already going to quit, Yamazaki then shot on Kobayashi, kicking him in the face and they then brawled until several wrestlers broke them up. Later on he tried again when Kobayashi had Takada in an abdominal stretch.
Watch: Takada and Yamazaki vs. Honaga and Kobayashi
  • Outside that news, the world of wrestling is quiet in the post-Wrestlemania season. WWF will have tv tapings on April 21 in New Haven and April 22 in Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as a Saturday Night’s Main Event taping that week and a Madison Square Garden show on the 25th. The line-up for the New Haven taping has DiBiase vs. Beefcake, Savage defending against Andre, Honkytonk vs. Bigelow (may not happen, since Bigelow underwent double knee surgery last week), and Strike Force vs. Demolition. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of rating they pull for an entire show without Hogan.
  • WWF released information on their internal projections for Wrestlemania IV, and in hindsight they’re laughable. They anticipated a gross of $40 million when adding the gate, ppv, closed circuit, and projected videotape sales. As for their reports on what they did take: they’re claiming $1.5 million for the live gate (probably accurate, if you include the site fee Donald Trump paid), $20 million on ppv (they’re claiming a 9.8 buyrate), and $4 million incoming from the 100,000 video tapes they project selling. (Dave’s been told that’s never going to happen). Even adding up those figures, you fall ludicrously short of their projected $40 million, and yet publications are running with the numbers and even the $40 million number and not even bothering to add things up. And that really gives proof to the fact that it does not matter what the actual numbers are for WWF - they are entirely built up on image, and the whole wrestling business is too, for that matter. WWF needs to claim Wrestlemania IV was a bigger success than Wrestlemania III for three key reasons: 1. Advertisers and the media have predicted the end of the “wrestling fad” since the beginning and anything that would make them think it actually is dropping off will make sponsors drop WWF real quick, 2. WWF can’t allow an image of failure (and let’s be clear, Wrestlemania IV wasn’t a failure, it just wasn’t as successful as projected), and 3. It keeps people from looking into why it wasn’t as successful as projected. Now, the reasons there are that the tournament as an idea wasn’t as strong as they thought it would be and that weakens the image of Vince as a genius, but he can’t be blamed here because it looked like a good idea until the ticket sales numbers started coming in. And if someone got the idea that Crockett’s show hurt them, well that makes them competition, and WWF’s official company line is that there is no competition to them. So if you’re WWF, you have to project strength on all fronts and positive momentum no matter what, and in a way that’s what keeps them running - the momentum of their own image of success is more powerful than the reality of their actual numbers. And since to the wider world Wrestlemania was not a failure and Crockett doesn’t even exist, that might just be the biggest hurdle they have to overcome and should be Crockett’s number one goal. And indeed, WWF/WWE has always managed to keep a stranglehold on the public image of wrestling in the United States, even in the Monday Night Wars to an extent, as evidenced by the many times WCW’s contributions would be ignored or even labeled as WWF stuff.
  • Syndicated ratings for the week ending March 20 had WWF at number 3 with an 11.2 All-Star Wrestling network (AWA, Memphis, Pro Wrestling this Week, POWW, GLOW) got an 8.6 and 6th place, while Crockett had a 7.8 for 7th place.
  • The third Crockett Cup takes place on April 22 and 23 in Greenville, SC and Greensboro, NC, and it’s the least hyped yet. The Crocketts are projecting a sellout and $307,000 at the gate, and advance sales have been good, but Dave gets the feeling it might be too soon to run a big show after a big show, since it’s hard to get a crowd up in interest again so soon after a big peak point for interest. And then there’s the build, which has been awful. Flair vs. Koloff, the main event for the second night, won’t even be announced until April 16, like it’s a throwaway. Midnight Rider vs. JJ Dillon in a bullrope match probably won’t be announced until then too, and not even all the teams for the Cup have been announced yet, let alone the bracket. Dave knows about 14 teams, some of which haven’t been announced officially, and they have every name guy there is in the company, which means ten teams of jobbers. And that’s going to make the Greenville taping suck. Much better to limit things to 16 teams, but that’s not the Crockett way.
  • Gordon Solie leaving Global may be the biggest burial Dave’s ever seen. Bob Roop, the face commentator, talked about Solie as a once-great announcer and former legend who has absolutely lost it, while Red Roberts played heel and “portrayed Solie as someone who never [was] what he appeared to be” and said he was a “very ordinary man who was a different person when the camera was off.” They referenced little off-camera remarks Solie would make denigrating fans and brought up all the jobs he’s lost in the past few years (TBS, Pro Wrestling This Week, Championship Wrestling from Florida, which really isn’t a lot in wrestling, but whatever). Obviously, lots of hard feelings about Solie quitting Global to go work with Steve Keirn and Jerry Jarrett in their proposed Florida promotion.
  • Central States is now working with World Class to get big names for their big shows, and the first outing of this joint venture was a total disaster. It mostly comes down to the World Class guys not being able to get enough work in Texas. Anyway, they had Mike George defend the “World” title against Chris Adams, and George accidentally hit Adams really hard in the face with a dropkick. He broke Adams’ cheekbone and nose, and knocked out several teeth as well. No word on how long Adams will be out of action, but he’s going to have to have reconstructive surgery. Considering he just came back from a broken hand (which didn’t heal correctly in the first place), he may have the doctors re-break it to let it heal correctly.
  • Stampede had a near sellout in Calgary on April 1. The main event had Owen Hart and Jason the Terrible vs. Johnny Smith and Makhan Singh in a street fight (Owen and Jason won by DQ, so I guess those are possible in Calgary street fights). Everybody bled and Kerry Brown and Rip Rogers ran in to attack Owen and Jason, which caused the disqualification. At one point Smith hit Jason with a 45 gallon drum. For April 8 they announced an eight-man street fight, but due to the mayhem the Calgary Boxing and Wrestling Commission is refusing to authorize a street fight, so it’s going to be a regular eight-man tag match.
  • May 9 in Memphis is going to be Jerry Lawler night. They’ll have Curt Hennig defending the AWA World Title against Lawler, and if Lawler loses he’ll retire from wrestling. Their April4 stretcher match drew 6,500 on the strength of $1 student tickets. Lawler was going to win, until Scotty the Body (the future Raven) interfered ineffectively, and Eddie Gilbert came out after and used chloroform to knock Lawler out and put him on the stretcher. A riot almost broke out. On April 9 Scotty and Lawler had a grudge match where Scotty would get a date with Missy Hyatt if he won. He lost, bad, and Missy slapped him, and he’s back as a babyface since Lawler saved him from a beat down afterwards.
  • Dave hears that AWA is trying to get out of being a wrestling promotion and operate more as a booking office. The idea is to showcase as many wrestlers as they can on the Las Vegas tapes, use ESPN to sell shows for local promoters, and farm their talent out. We’ll see how that goes.
  • AWA is bringing some dude named Diamond Dallas Page in to manage Diamond and Tanaka. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson are apparently also being booked out of the AWA now, which should end rumors of them going to the WWF.
  • Bob Orton signed a three year contract with New Japan.
  • Fabulous Lance still hasn’t arrived in World Class.
  • Correction on the description of the King Parsons title win in World Class. Black Bart and Buddy Roberts weren’t shining flashlights in fans’ faces when the lights went out.
  • New Japan had no tv for the past three weeks but returns on April 16 in a 4 pm to 5 pm Saturday timeslot. It’s going to get pre-empted regularly for the rest of the year due to TV Asahi having other sports they have higher on their priority list.
  • The departures from New Japan in the wake of the UWF announcement have them hurting pretty bad for roster depth.
  • Bob Orton’s getting over well in the small towns with his Billy Gasper the pirate gimmick. He’s doing lots of clowning around and that works in the small towns. It’s going poorly with the Tokyo fans, though.
  • Masa Saito did an interview on March 18 saying the guys in the pirate masks aren’t real pirates and he’ll bring real pirates to New Japan. Orton then did an interview and said they were real pirates, and said a third Gasper brother named Barry coming to Japan.
  • Two more All Japan Women retirements have been announced. Kazue Nagahori (age 19) and Condor Saito (age 20) announced their impending retirements on April 2. That brings us to 7 women leaving the promotion since December (including Dump Matsumoto, Yukari Omori, and Devil Masami). Losing Dump has done a huge number on their ratings - Dump’s retirement show drew a 13.2 (compared to an average range from 8.5-11.5), but their first show without her drew a 5.7.
  • The Jumping Bomb Angels returned to AJW and were billed as WWF Tag Team champions. They’re defending the titles over there right now. We’re a couple months from Moolah getting the titles and division killed off.
  • All Japan is building toward an April 15 match between Genichiro Tenryu and Bruiser Brody to unify the singles titles. Tenryu has the United National and PWF Titles and Brody has the International Title. This doesn’t go anywhere. This issue’s street date is one year to the day before the Triple Crown Championship is established.
  • Tom Magee is wrestling preliminary matches in All Japan, and Dave gives an overview of his career thus far. He debuted in October 1985 and everyone thought he’d be a future superstar. Built like Lex Luger, strong as an ox (he’s a three time winner of World’s Strongest Man competitions), 6’5” and north of 270 lbs, and experienced in gymnastics and karate so agile as all hell. On paper, he’s kind of like Lesnar: just a freak specimen of an athlete. Only, unlike Lesnar he couldn’t transition that into learning to wrestle even a lick. He started out in Stampede and his very first match was his best because he just kept getting worse. He had a terrible match in Japan against Riki Choshu where a spark of potential might have shone for a millisecond. WWF signed him and debuted him in a match against Bret Hart, and Hart made him look incredible and Vince was convinced he had the guy to replace Hogan., only to find out later that the match was all Bret and nobody else knew what to do to make him look good. They had him on the C string house show tours with no improvement in sight, and he left to go do strength stuff in Europe. Unlike Ultimate Warrior, whose build is similar and wrestling ability is even more negligible, Magee had no charisma or personality to save him. So 2.5 years after supposedly being the next Hogan, he’s still no better than he was on his first match and has no discernible future in the wrestling business. The match is on the WWE Network on the special Holy Grail: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Lost Match.
Watch: Tom Magee vs. Riki Choshu
Watch Tom Magee reminisces about his match with Bret Hart
  • Vince McMahon is trying to get lobbyist support to abolish the Washington State Athletic Commission.
  • April 2 in San Juan Puerto Rico drew 10,000 for WWC with Hercules Ayala beating Carlos Colón to retain the Universal Title by disqualification. On the same card, Invader #1 (fuck Invader #1) regained the TV title from Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto).
  • Madusa Miceli is doing a test shoot for Playboy. Playboy’s wanted to do a spread with a pro wrestling personality, but several women have turned them down and Dave won’t name names, but you can probably guess accurately anyway if you know the major women in the business right now. I can’t decide if the extremely minimal coverage Dave gives American women’s wrestling at this point is an advantage in guessing (if you go by Dave’s coverage, Candi Divine, Sherri Martel, Medusa, Rockin’ Robin, The Glamour Girls, the Jumping Bomb Angels, Precious, Missy Hyatt, Misty Blue, Baby Doll, and Elizabeth are basically the only women in the United States), or if it’s an indictment of his coverage of women’s wrestling. Anyway, Medusa does the shoot, but doesn’t authorize release because she gets an offer to do a tour with AJW, and with the strict code of conduct in Japan for performers, she made the smart move for her career here.
  • Northeast Championship Wrestling is trying to get Iron Sheik and Sergeant Slaughter together for a match. The big wrench in the works there is Vince McMahon. If Sheik can clean up his act, he’s likely to get re-signed by Vince because McMahon still sees some cartoon villain value in him on the lower card.
  • Everything in Global is still revolving around the Dr. Red Roberts and V.C. Minh vs. Col. Kirchner and G.I. Joe Palardy feud. But worry not, they’ve got a guy named Steve Collins who’s turning heel because he’s got two valets called the party girls, and one (Dominique) is a heel. The other is apparently the hottest valet in the business right now, and I cannot believe that sentence is basically verbatim.
  • We get a letter from a graduate student in the radio-tv department at Auburn University (nowadays he’s a professor at Union University) who wants to offer his professional take on Clash and Wrestlemania. He says Clash definitely wins for best show and Sting/Flair wins best match, then runs down positives and negatives for each. For Wrestlemania, the camera setup, lighting, roster, Ventura, and quality finals are all big pluses for the show, and the venue had the requisite glitz and Bob Uecker fit in well with the zany cast of characters as well. For Clash, the big pluses were solid feuds, minimal Dusty, better lighting than their previous shows, good use of interview segments, Bob Caudle, three really excellent main event level matches, limited ad breaks, Jim Ross emerging as the best commentator in the company, better wrestlers, and a really hot crowd from start to finish. Negatives for Wrestlemania include Gorilla Monsoon’s cliches, the unwieldy tournament, too long a card, a weak main event compared to the match they had on Saturday Night’s Main Event (it seemed rushed for time), and the non-tournament matches were largely garbage, leading the whole show to feel unfocused, confused, and unprepared compared to Wrestlemania 3. Clash had some minuses as well though: too many crowd reaction shots, timing miscues on shots going wide, why were Jason Hervey and Ken Osmond at the judges’ table, the cop-out finish to the main event (they could have saved it with Osmond playing his character to break a 2-2 tie for Flair), maybe a bit more context on a couple things like Dusty/Tully/Magnum would have helped out, and they could have really used a video package for FlaiSting to set the stage for new viewers. He rates both shows out of five on several fronts. For overall production, Wrestlemania wins 4.5 to 4 over Clash. For match quality, Clash gets 4.5 to Wrestlemania’s 2. For crowd enthusiasm, Clash wins 5 to Wrestlemania’ 1.5. Clash gets 4 (for Jim Ross) and Wrestlemania gets 3 (for Ventura) on announcing. For overall excellence, Clash wins 5 to Wrestlemania’s 2, leading to overall totals of Wrestlemania 12.5/25 to Clash’s 22.5/25.
  • The rest of the letters are more thoughts on Wrestlemania and Clash. You can guess fairly accurately that the vast majority agree Clash was better. One ridiculously long letter takes a contrarian view and tries to argue that Flair looked like a sad, tired old man and the match gave him all the Sting he’ll ever need to see for the rest of his life.
  • In Global, there’s a team called Death Row and they beat up a plant in the audience. Dave thinks this is the stupidest angle ever, because why would fans buy tickets if they think it puts them in danger of getting beat up by the wrestlers for no reason?
  • Also Global, Rusty Brooks and Jumbo Barretta won the tag titles in a match where they were on opposite teams. Brooks was teamed with Tom Nash and Barretta with Matt Oddo, and somehow Brooks and Nash won when Barretta wouldn’t get in the ring to fight Brooks, but somehow Brooks and Barretta wound up becoming champions out of it. Nobody understands what happened.
  • Joe Pedicino is running a 20 hour wrestling telethon on May 28 to benefit the Atlanta Police Department. It won’t be just wrestling - there will be some movies and sports interspersed in. So I guess it’s not exactly a 20 hour wrestling telethon, now, is it, Dave?
  • So that Hogan movie? Not a biopic. It’s going to star Hogan and the story will be built around a toughman contest. Dave notes that every movie with that concept has bombed. Well, Dave’s wrong about this being a toughman movie, but he’s right about it bombing. We’re at least somewhat conceptually closer to No Holds Barred, at least.
  • Roddy Piper signed a three movie deal with John Carpenter for several million dollars. Good for Piper, but he needs to hope his movies continue to do well - one flop and Hollywood is likely to move on from him and the other movies will likely be forgotten.
  • WWF has done some spring cleaning. S.D. Jones, Iron Mike Sharpe, Sika, Outback Jack, Hillbilly Jim, Johnny V, and Terry Gibbs are all gone. Craig De George, an announcer, is also gone.
  • Vince McMahon is privately blaming himself for Wrestlemania not being as successful as expected. Particularly, he’s beating himself up for letting the creative slide. Is this where the beginning of the creative slide that gets us to the New Generation doldrums began? I don’t know, so I guess we might see.
  • NWA Main Event is the new big show, so obviously the best way to build it up is to have it pre-empted four weeks in a row right after it debuts. Yep. Atlanta Braves baseball has kicked NWA Main Event from its timeslot for the next few weeks and it wound up on at 11 am Saturday, so nobody saw it. There were apparently some good matches this week, and Dave promises to talk about the show and some of its production snafus next week.
  • Last week Dave incorrectly reported that Brad Armstrong had knee surgery. He didn’t. He just took off the week to rest up, but his knee is messed up and he probably should get surgery.
  • [NWA] Midnight Rider (Dave calls him Midlife Rider) debuted on the tv tapings on April 10. If you somehow don’t know, it’s Dusty. Anyway, he came in on a horse with Magnum T.A. leading the horse, then came out later and choked Tully Blanchard with a lasso.
  • The April 30 Saturday Night’s Main Event will be taped on April 22. They’re taping an episode of Wrestling Challenge too, so expect a 5 hour card if you’re there live. And bring a pillow, because this sounds dreadful: Savage vs. Gang for the title, Honkytonk vs. Beefer for the title, Bulldogs vs. Demolition non-title, DiBiase vs. Muraco, and Andre vs. Jake the Snake.
  • Big John Studd was set to return to WWF, but has pushed his planned return back to the fall. Push that back until December. It’ll be Studd’s final run in the company and it’s only going to last until June next year, but at least he’ll have a Royal Rumble win out of it. After that he’ll do occasional independent dates and retire in 1990 after discovering he has Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
NEXT WEEK: Big shows being built, New Japan coming to American tv?, more in-depth poll results analysis, and more
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2020.09.24 16:35 ChiCubsbot GDT: 9/24 Cubs (32-24) @ Pirates (17-39) 12:35 PM

Cubs (32-24) @ Pirates (17-39)

First Pitch: 12:35 PM at PNC Park
Pitcher TV Radio
Cubs Alec Mills (5-4, 4.14 ERA) MARQ WSCR
Pirates Chad Kuhl (1-3, 5.03 ERA) ATTP KDKA
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat Channel Finder
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Freenode: #reddit-baseball Channel Finder

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
CHC 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1
PIT 1 1 1 1 2 0 1 0 7 14 0

Box Score

2B Frazier, A 5 1 2 2 0 0 .224
3B Hayes 4 1 1 0 0 1 .329
DH Moran 3 2 3 1 1 0 .255
1B Bell 3 1 1 2 1 0 .223
RF Polanco, G 3 0 1 1 0 0 .155
CF Reynolds, B 4 2 3 1 0 1 .191
LF Oliva 4 0 2 0 0 1 .182
SS Riddle 4 0 1 0 0 2 .143
C Murphy, JR 4 0 0 0 0 2 .172
Kuhl 7.0 2 0 0 3 5 98-58 4.27
Hartlieb 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 10-8 3.80
Cederlind 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 9-7 6.00
1B Rizzo 3 0 1 0 1 0 .222
DH Contreras 2 0 0 0 1 1 .236
DH Martínez, Jo 1 0 0 0 0 1 .182
RF Heyward 2 0 0 0 1 0 .283
CF Hamilton 1 0 0 0 0 1 .080
LF Schwarber 4 0 0 0 0 0 .187
RF Maybin 4 0 0 0 0 0 .250
2B Kipnis 3 0 1 0 0 1 .255
SS Báez, J 2 0 0 0 0 1 .196
C Caratini 3 0 0 0 0 2 .234
3B Bote 3 0 0 0 0 1 .202
Mills 3.2 8 4 4 1 2 72-43 4.48
Ryan 1.1 3 2 2 0 1 21-14 5.17
Underwood Jr. 2.0 3 1 1 1 3 28-24 5.03
Adam 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 12-9 2.19

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
B1 Colin Moran homers (9) on a fly ball to center field. 1-0
B2 Bryan Reynolds homers (6) on a fly ball to center field. 2-0
B3 Adam Frazier homers (7) on a fly ball to right field. 3-0
B4 Adam Frazier singles on a line drive to left fielder Kyle Schwarber. Bryan Reynolds scores. JT Riddle out at home on the throw, left fielder Kyle Schwarber to catcher Victor Caratini. 4-0
B5 Josh Bell homers (8) on a line drive to left field. Colin Moran scores. 6-0
B7 Gregory Polanco out on a sacrifice fly to left fielder Kyle Schwarber. Ke'Bryan Hayes scores. 7-0


Description Length HD
Colin Moran connects for a solo homer 0:45 HD
Bryan Reynolds slugs a solo home run to center 0:41 HD
Jared Oliva records infield single for first MLB hit 0:46 HD
Adam Frazier cranks a no-doubter to lead off frame 0:41 HD
Victor Caratini's throw, Javier Báez's tag nab runner 0:37 HD
Adam Frazier goes the other way for an RBI single 0:22 HD
Kyle Schwarber cuts down JT Riddle at the plate 0:23 HD
Josh Bell lines a two-run home run to left 0:51 HD
Anthony Rizzo doubles to end no-hit bid in 6th 0:43 HD
Gregory Polanco scores Ke'Bryan Hayes with a sac fly 0:27 HD
Chad Kuhl takes no-no into 6th in scoreless start 0:59 HD
Cameron Maybin pops out to second baseman Adam Frazier. 0:21 HD


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Kuhl (2-3, 4.27) Mills (5-5, 4.48)
Game ended at 3:16 PM.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2020.09.24 14:57 jimmy_a Vegan guy

My sister has recently started dating a vegan guy who's honestly quite strange. A few weeks ago, he had dinner at our house and my mom went out of her way to make this big meal of vegan alfredo and some special type of spinach soup. When my sister's boyfriend (we'll just call him "Victor") showed up, he had arrived by means of my sister driving him. He claimed that he didn't own a car for environmental reasons and it didn't get much better from there.
Whenever my parents would ask him some type of personal question, Victor would give some weird ass response. When my dad asked if he was into any sports, he replied with "Organized sports are fascist." When my mom asked him what his career goals were, he said something along the lines of "I'm a very complicated person and I don't like to complicate things more by thinking about careers that may never transpire." He also carried around with him his own personal thermos of soy milk. He even had the nerve to tell my parents that they should empty their fridge of soda and beer and that doing so would instantly put them one step closer to living a healthier lifestyle. By the end of dinner, my mom thought Victor was "Unique" whereas me and my dad thought he was a complete weirdo.
Up until tonight, I hadn't see much of Victor Vegan. But earlier tonight, me and some of my friends were going to In-N-Out Burger and Victor was at my house when plans were made. He asked me if he could tag along since he'd never had In-N-Out before and he wanted to try their vegan options. I reluctantly let him join us and things immediately got off to a bad start when we placed our orders and Victor held up the line because he wanted to speak to the manager and confirm with him that their fries were vegan.
We sat down and ate our food, Victor only ordering fries. But then he started saying that he was still hungry and was interested in ordering a vegan burger. I offered to order and pay for him since I didn't want him to hold up the line and piss everyone off again. And for this next part, I just want to clarify that I don't know the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Up until tonight, I thought that vegan was just short for vegetarian, so I asked the lady at the counter what their vegetarian options were and she recommended their grilled cheese, which is literally just a cheeseburger minus the beef patty.
I gave him his grilled cheese and when he asked if their cheese was vegan, I just carelessly said "Yeah, sure." He took one bite and he immediately started acting up. He said "This doesn't taste vegan." He then went up to the counter, asked the lady if their cheese was vegan, and she actually had to run back to grab the manager and ask him. The manager came back out and must've told him that their cheese wasn't vegan, and Victor started losing his shit.
He ran to me and my friends and started telling us that we needed to leave. He started to explain that he had just consumed non-vegan dairy products and that his thermos of soy milk was empty. We had no clue what he was talking about, but then he started screaming at the top of his lungs that he was having a panic attack. We just left to avoid a scene, but the friend who drove us said that he couldn't find his keys and he had to go back inside to look for them. The rest of us stayed with Victor while he layed in the backseat and was hyperventilating. My friend was taking a long time to look for his keys and when I went inside to help him, he was in line and ordering a milkshake. And of course, his keys were on him the whole time.
Victor was yelling that he wanted to be driven straight home to his parents and he was screaming instructions from the backseat while also screaming that he needed soy milk. He was writhing around and grabbing at his chest. It looked like the dumb version of the chest-burster scene from Alien. I was honestly started to worry that he was legitimately having some sort of life-threatening reaction and I wasn't sure if vegans could die from eating non-vegan items. We got Victor to his house and he immediately just ran to his house, hands in the air and screaming like E.T.
When I got home and explained to my sister what happened, the first words out of her mouth were "Did he get his soy milk?" I was floored at the supposed importance of soy milk and my sister drove off to his house. And while she was there, she called me and started screaming at me that I could've killed him and that he "may never be the same again" after eating non-vegan cheese.
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2020.09.24 09:00 Rawdays Weekly venting thread Thursday September 24, 2020

Welcome to the melbournementalhealth weekly venting thread!
This is a place to talk about anything that you've struggled with or need to get off your chest this week.
Note: we are trialling this thread for now and can reassess at a later date. We thought that it could be helpful for some of us to have a vent/seek support etc without having to create a new post (although that is still encouraged). We will tag all of these threads with trigger warnings in case there is any sensitive talk around self-harm, etc.
If you are in need of additional support please call:
Emergencies: 000
Lifeline 13 11 44 This a 24-hour phone crisis support and suicide prevention services. Lifeline also has a crisis support chat available from 7pm - 12am (AEST), 7 days a week, and Lifeline text by texting 0477 13 11 14 and available from 6pm - 12am (AEST), 7 days a week.
Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 A free private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5-25.
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 A nationwide service that provides professional 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people who are affected by suicide.
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 OR 1800 512 348 (for Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service) Provides advice and support via phone 24/7, daily web chat between 3pm - 12pm and email via the website with a response provided within 24 hours.
Mensline 1300 789 978 A telephone and online counselling service for men with emotional health and relationship concerns.
Psychiatric Triage (call the number for your geographic area and age bracket)
Family Drug Support 1300 368 186 An interactive tool based on a typical support group for family drug support.
DirectLine: 1800 888 236 24/7 confidential drug and alcohol counselling and referral, phone and online contact options available.
SANE Australia: 1800 187 263‬ A national online and free call service providing information, support and referral to people concerned about complex mental health issues.
MindSpot: A free therapist/guided digital mental health clinic. They provide information about mental health, online assessments, and online treatment to adults with anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pain.
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2020.09.24 06:22 SriFenbyEx Fun and Intrugie Series: DM'ed two groups at once > time for PVP

A war of Fun and Intrigue Saga
Episode 1 to 5
Episode 6 to 10
(Skipp halfway to PVP portion - the beginning is introduction to the second group)
< Episode 11 > - Insider and Trading
Date: [Sea Season / week 1 / day 7] - Weather - Moderate Winds
After leaving the mines the team gave a small report to the captain in charge of guarding the entrance then we informed the mayor of the mining town that it's safe to resume working. Got in a nice much-needed rest and before heading out the team surveyed the surrounding area and spotted a dirt road that saved half a day of travel when going back to the warrioranger country city of Stone-Wall. Gave the manager and blacksmith the good news and rewarded with a 15% discount in the store and got 375 GP on top, the blacksmith promised to pay more later. After which everyone took another two-week vacation. Birdman got the idea of starting his own Meat-And-Wheat business and went hunting, good cleric went to help out at the blacksmith and sharpened his sword and barbarians shiny new +1 Glaive that he bought with the discount - had the Shop-Mart logo on the side of the mean-steel and had that freshly unwrapped plastic smell.
Doom Guy did manual labor then high-five people back to health poorly at a clinic Cringe-Cleric was working at. A bad rumor was spread about Doom Guy and he successfully manages to sue the clinic out of court, got banned from entering it though. Bard got drunk and committed a crime, got the absolute piss whipped out of him. Successfully faked being near death and dragged to the clinic after a few more beatings, the same exact clinic that cringe-cleric was working at and """ paid his bill """. Afterward, Bard gathered critical information on the contenders and the team pairings.
Leeroy from the Hammer-Shields managed to pay the ransom somehow has entered in and Bob scarred from his encounter at the mines makes an appearance, full of grit and newfound power. Barbarian is paired up with the prince of Paladin country Wesland, the same Wesland that framed him for murder and ruined his Nobel family's name. Prince of Wesland unlike his daddy is a Pally Bro, helps out the poor and does good deeds. Doomguy is paired up with an anime weeb Kensei, Birdman is with an old-timey ranger who uses poison, good-cleric with another cleric who he ran into earlier in rigging that they're on the same team is helping in changing the weather for top-tempest tactics. Cringe-Cleric with an Elf warlock who doesn't like humans and also tried to feed the Bard false information, and lastly prior year's champ the Gladiator Balk Bogan who shit talks constantly and has the power to back it up.
A little bit more of info gathering went on and found out the capabilities of the contenders. A cleric sharing the same god as the good-cleric says to mess with people from the main church he uses banishment then undoes the spell. Kensei weeb has a sword that's bound to her that can shoot lightning, an ol timey-ranger uses strong poisons, and that the warlock is a threat in close quarters. Bard wanted to expand his One-Man-Band show but has competition, there's an Orc Quarte in town and they hold a contract to play at the exclusive Stone-Wall Tavern, the biggest of it's kind and it cost 100 gp just to walk through the door. It's also where the best contenders of the war games get to eat for free. Bard wanted to get the owner to give him the contract instead-but gets turned away at the front door by security, tries to do sneaky bard stuff but ultimately the task provides to be more of a chore and not worth it, especially with the bad rolls the bards been getting of late.
After that, your standard carousing - gambling, disorderly conduct, and other minor shenanigans'. However one thing did come to mind - the crowd loves show-boating and often throws gold and items into the arena for exciting plays. In the event that we managed to go 1-v-1 with each other, we could fake fight like good ol wrassling and see just how much we can get out from the crowd.

< Episode B-1 > A Mental Adventure Date
[Sea Season / week 1 / day 1] - Weather - Moderate Winds
A new group of """ Adventurers """ appears, this time it's a wee band of four. Changeling Bard (Tard Bard) / Goliath Fighter / Tabaxi Thief (Thief) / Dragonborn (Ok-Paladin)
These four which will now be named the < Mental Group >. While waiting in line to signup for the Tournament in Springhelm they talk and get to know each other better. The tournament doesn't start for another two weeks so in their downtime they pursue a quick expedition job, the prior group of adventures of the expedition faced got themselves killed. So Druid/Warlock country Numush pulled out and Wizard/Sourcer country Bers is going to continue the expedition alone. This is going on while the now named 6-man is doing useful things when not doing shenanigans'. The party decides to grab some items from Shop-Mart before heading out to the big boy empire country Brint capital and chartering a boat. Tard-Bard turns invisible and successfully shoplifts a normal healing potion and a greater healing potion for the team.
Fumbled at the table and alerted the guard, thankfully the table was a bit wobbly and one of the legs was already short, being held up by a coaster. Thief buys four daggers and the other two just browse the wares. Getting to the location of where the team had to take on the quest is a week travel so everyone decide to charter a boat at the Brint Empires capital. The walk from fighteranger country's city of Stone-Wall to Empire's capital is only 9 miles so it was a quick walk. After browsing for some magic rings and the Goliath buys a pan-flute despite not knowing how to play it. We stop by the local food stalls for some cheap 1gp snacks, not all that tasty but it fills people up, well everyone but the Tard-Bard eats at the stand, Tard-Bard eats a ration which cost 5gp. They get to the boat captain and Tard-Bard successfully seduces the captain so he gets half off on the boat fair. Fighter tries to persuade the captain and screw up so the rest of the team has to pay full price, being 48gp a person for a day's travel, Tard-Bard pays 24gp. During this boat ride, intense rock-paper-scissor gambling went on while the Tard-Bard kept further seducing the boat captain. Fighter plays the pan-flute terribly but is determined to become proficient. Soon he joins the Tabaxi in gaming and overall loses 20gp between the both of them, Ok-Paladin is just chilling.
The team gets to port and Tard-Bard after further seducing the boat captain didn't wash his hands after said seduction - roll 1d6 poison damage. The team eventually finds the person looking for adventurers to assist in the expedition, a High-Elf Cleric named Dain. Tard-Bard shapeshifts into Dain right in front of him, gets a mean mug from Dain - the party still asks if they can assist in the expedition. Dain accepts their help with a wary demeanor, explains that the local inhabitants drove him and his prior team away from the nearby island. Some lizard people and Yuan-ti, there's some ancient text on that island that the main church really wants. The Fighter who has a negative in persuasion asks for an increase in pay - fails. But Dain's not lying about his objection or his entire story though, despite the weak insight check. We accept the job, and after a small boat ride arrives at the expedition main campsite at the bottom of a cliff, a small walk later inside of a ruined small church.
The Fighter still plays the pan-flute hoping to improve but plays so terribly the camp-site guard captain suffers 4 points of damage - maybe one day. It's at this point the Tard-Bard gets his character flaw - for every incredibly stupid thing he thinks or acts he rolls 1d4 for physic damage. "I want to step in that bear trap" Why? "Well - mentally. I mentally step in the bear trap" Congratulations you now have a character flaw, roll 1d4 for every time you do or think something stupid enough. Also gains a trait, provided he does something useful afterwards he can reroll to see how much HP he heals back. He wants to use Tiny Hut spell for a nice cozy place to stay for the other expedition members, roll 1d4 for healing- get 1 HP back. Expedition team sleeps in the hut, Camp-Guard captain maintains watch, Dain casts Alarm for good measure, other NPC checks traps to make sure they're in good working condition and the rest of the team sleeps outside of the hut. The team sleeps a good sleep for tomorrow's adventure.

< Episode B-2 > S-Rank
[Sea Season / week 1 / day 2] - Weather - Moderate Winds
After setting out everyone reached the temple ruins of where the Ancient book was stored, right off the bat got into a nasty encounter. Some rather meaty lizard men, a yuan-ti malison, druid, and two giant frogs. The druid was the biggest issue after managing to use Call Lightning and Heat Metal on Ok-Paladin, after some back in forth the frogs died first thanks to Thief and Fighter. Tard-Bard says something stupid again and rolls 1d4 physic damage somewhere along the lines, but afterward turned invisible manages to cuck the Druid on his next turn. Fighter and Ok-Paladin goes blow for blow on the yuan-ti and remaining lizardman, Dain is in the back healing and buffing but has to get in close to heal Ok-Paladin because he got KO'd due to heat metal. After a round of healing by two other teammates, Ok-Paladin was back at 2/3ds health. Enemy Druid makes a wind wall to deter any forward attackers and by extension disallowing the yuan-ti and last lizardman to run. Dain casts Silence and ultimately puts an end to the Druid's shenanigans, Bard tackles prone Druid but doesn't do much good as the druid passes a check on his next turn. The last remaining lizardman goes down via Breathweapon from Ok-Paladin, Fighter manages to wound the Yuan-ti enough that Dain manages to kill it via melee. Afterward, Dain drops silence and the first thing we heard was the screams of the Druid as he gets the living shit beat out of him. Early morning death battle completed, the team takes a long rest before entering the dungeon.
Sneaking mission start - The team enters the ruins and arrives at the main entrance, Tard-Bard and Thief goes invisible, Dain casts locate the ancient book and points out the general location of the book. Inside is dimly lit so Thief peeps through the keyholes and sees a couple of enemies in different hallways. The hallway that looks like it goes to the object has a yuan-ti guard standing on the other side of the door. Dain takes cover behind some walls, Fighter and Ok-Paladin takes cover near the door, Thief is invisible and stand in front of the door crouched. The door swings outwards towards both Fighter and Ok-Paladin so they'll be just out of sight. Tard-Bard knocks on the door and gently opens it, the guard walks out and gets sneak grappled by the Fighter. Hand over mouth what happened next was a single turn of the Goliath and Ok-Paladin killing it via ass whooping. Tard-Bard and Thief is still invisible and does recon, spots another yuan-ti but he's sleeping. They leave him alone and continues to look for traps and exploring the hallways. Just before closing in onto the treasure room, there's another large room with two yuan-ti. One of them leaves temporarily and the other is in the corner overlooking the entire room, sharpening his weapon so not really paying attention.
Inside the same hallway outside the large room and right in front of the treasure room is a small pile of corpses. The closest to the treasure room the more decayed the bodies looked to be, there's also some goop on the bodies. Tard-Bard steps over the bodies and examines the treasure room door, the door looks bloated and waterlogged - it's in very bad shape. Peeps through the keyhole and spots a Black Pudding on the other side of the door and a magical chest with the ancient book in it. Gamer Strats as Tard-Bard and Thief make a line of corpses from the Black Pudding room to the large room with the yuan-ti in it. Right before Tard-Bard drops the last corpse Thief stands back, the last corpse was dragged just in front of the door enough to lead the Black Pudding into the room. Tard-Bard drags the last corpse too loudly and alerts the yuan-ti, as the yuan-ti is walking towards the corpse Tard-Bard opens the Black Pudding door, Black Pudding starts to eat it's way to the yuan-ti until it started attacking it. The second yuan-ti comes back, while all of this is going down Tard-Bard runs past the Black Pudding and double checks the chest for traps then tears the lid open and scoops up the ancient book and some treasure. A whole lot of gems, gold, and a +1 Rapier. Thief and Tard-Bard books it to the main room where everyone was waiting. Tard-Bard decides to pickpocket the sleeping yuan-ti and finds some gold and a potion of hill-giant strength, most likely pillaged from one of the dead corpses. After arriving at the main room the team books it out of the ruins
> Sneaking Mission S-Rank <
Once back to camp vastly impressed Dain manages to get the camp guard captain and his assistant to give our team a little bit extra gold to keep them on their good side for future expeditions. An extra 40 GP for each person, once back to town port Dain pays for the boat fare back to the empire capital. After a day sailing and another quick jog, the team get back to Stone-Wall. Tard-Bard sells the gems, overall the party made nearly 1,000 GP. Pretty nice haul - though it was a successful mission it ends on a somewhat sour note. Fighter got cold feet after the entire expedition and ends his adventuring career, Player's schedule changed and couldn't play anymore. Shame but the adventurer's life isn't for everyone, remaining team members use the rest of this and next week dicking around carousing until the big day arrives. The beginning of the tournament arc.

< Episode X-1 > Torunament Arc - Part 1
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 1] - Weather - Moderate Winds
There was some time before everyone gathered into the arena, Thief meets up with the Big Group now name Think-Bard during a drunken haze of debauchery. Losing half of their personal gold. Thief also loses half of his items but gets a treasure map, lastly, Thief slept with a trap. Birdman invests into a food-truck attachment for the wagon and goes with Think-Bard near the fancy tavern to get another chance for Think-Bard to get that contract. Think-Bard gets a nat 20 and plays so well not only the fancy tavern's owner gives him the contract to play as the opening act, but Bird-Man earns nearly triple the gold for his last two remaining rations when he sold them from his food-truck. Think-Bard doesn't use his last action but saves it for a certain surprise. Both Big-Group and Mental Group plans to split the winnings between their respective teams.
It - Is - Time We all gather in the arena main gathering hall, while the normie fights were going on inside the arena. The referee goes over the rules of the fights - three very important rules.
Rule #1 - Flight and levitation are off-limits, the crowd doesn't like cowards who also disengage which is okay but this leads into...
Rule #2 - Don't be boring - the arena was built with magic stones and the mood of the crowd has profound effects on the combatants. Attacks hit more cleanly and cuts go deeper - and vise versa. Asides from that it's not uncommon for massive amounts of gold, items, and furniture tossed into the arena to do cool stuff off of.
Rule #3 - No killing - it is very important to not kill an opponent as you will pick up the very expensive resurrection bill.
Balk Bogan showboats during the explanation of Rule #2 but was told to settle down by the ref. Afterwhich the crowd goes absolutely nuts and we can hear them stomping on the floor shouting "We want more - bring them to the floor!" Right before the fight the Barbarian conveniences the prince to give his share of the winnings to him to invest in Birdman's Business, Princes agree so long as Birdman gives discounts to the poor and needy. Party Members who aren't actively fighting are watching from the stands, and at certain opportunities can try to rouse the crowd, mess or assist contenders in subtle ways, or throw furniture into the ring.
It's Show Time
Round 1 Team
(A) Ex-Lords Alliance Ranger Bob - Who underwent a Training Arc
Cleric Dain - from the expedition
Hammer-Shields Leeroy - Who somehow made bail
Team (B) John Grey - Barbarian
Prince of Wesland Solomon - Paladin
Horseman - Paladin
The first turn starts off kind of slow without the exception of Bob being a total bad-ass critting at least half the time throughout the entire fight, gritty and scarred from his fight in the mines - he never missed a shot by the way. Prince and Barbarian went around tag-teaming everything that came their way until it happened. The crowd went wild after Barbarians wizard lands a 5-hit Fireball, Doom Guy throws a table into the area. After Bob scores a double KO in a single turn the crowd threw in nearly 300 gold, another player throws in a chair near Barbarian. One of Bob's team member jumps onto the table to rouse the crowd but fails, soon falls prone due to friendly fire via Shatter and wrecks the table. Crowd laughs and a second chair is thrown in. Barbarian drops his weapon and KO's Bob's veteran with said chair and the chair explodes - at this point the crowd threw in roughly a total of 600 gold.
Barbarian's team went back and forth hard up north while the Prince and Barbarian swept low going upwards to the top section of the arena. Leeroy who was determined to get vengeance for his embarrassment via capture gets KO'd by the Prince. More gold and a healing potion get thrown in. Dain tried his best but got Knocked out by Barbarian, Bob went full CQC but sadly rolled a nat 1 and knocked himself out. The win goes to Barbarian and Prince's team, total gold was 861 between the victors. After the ref and clerics heal and pick up the fallen it's time for: Round 2:
Team (C) Birdman - Ranger
Old Man O'Mally - Ranger
vs Team (D) Doom Guy - Fighter
Izimu - Kensei

O'Malley stops Birdman right before he leaves and shares some of his poison, tasty extra 1d6. Tard-Bard tells jokes and buffs Doom-Guy. Ref get's out there and starts the fight which instantly turned into the Bird Team's favor. Birdman 1st Round 1-Hit KOs Tard-Bard - Birdman is not playing around. The crowd throws in a lot of money. O'Malley rolls up and gets a few good shots in with Hordbreaker feat. Doom Guy's wizard has a big idea - uses Tidal Wave on Birdman's entire team knocks down all but O'Mally and a Knight. More gold gets thrown in. Doom Guy and the team close the gap. Doom Guy charges right into Birdman's entire team and KOs Birdman. Which in return gets Doom Guy KO'd by Birdman's Team. It's at this point Doom Guy and Bird-Man have a slapping fight with each other on the floor. A lot of mass healing word was going on throughout the entire fight Tard-Bard gets back up and goes invisible, gets booed by the crowd, and loses AC until the fight ends. O'Malley is taking potshots and Izumi caught one of his rounds and fumbles when she tried to throw it on a nat 1.
She uses her Thunder Sword to make a ranged zap attack on Bird Man's cleric, she closes the gap, and KO's him next turn. Doom Guy tries to imitate the Barbarian and smacks Bird-Mans dwarf wizard with a chair that was thrown into the ring, dwarf HP got reduced from 4 HP to 1 HP, the dwarf gets knocked out next turn though. Tard-Bard manages to power heal Doom Guy, gently feeding him a greater health potion, after another mass word of Healing Doom Guy is at full health. Doom Guy/Tard-Bard Team manages to pull a win after getting messed up in the beginning rounds of the match.
Tard-Bard somehow convinces his team's Cleric who isn't all that smart to give him his share of the winnings. O'Malley manages to get cornered but surrenders like a champ as the last man standing. The crowd throws in more gold, Doom Guy victory cheers while holding up Izumi and O'Malley's hand with Tard-Bard who uses bard-magic to make a magic fist-pumping hand Total gold before splitting it split 6 ways - 1,410 DM rolled 2 Double Crits in the same fight, so that happened. Birdman proudly refuses to dip into the shared winnings but is sold a mysterious small bottle of purple poison by O'Mally, small enough to coat 3 arrows. After some haggling, he buys the poison for 100 GP and some cut of Bird-Mans business profit. O'Malley whispers into Bird Man's ear - "Purple Worm Poison" - a very nasty poison that requires an absurdly high CON saving throw and if you fail you take 12d6 damage. Worst case scenario the person or thing unlucky enough could take up to 72 points of damage just by poison alone, assuming the math isn't off.
With this, the first day of the Arena Match is over. Business Parchment Cards are exchanged and business deals are made. Barbarian advances into solving a personal quest by talking to the Prince. The evening is spent with a small bit of partying with Barbarian and Tabaxi losing half of their gold with alcohol and narcotics. Birdman sells more meal deals, Think-Bard chills and doesn't do anything, Tard-Bard finds an exotic animal trader and buys an elephant and elephant insurance while everyone else just relaxes - for now.
Day one stats - Team (B) [Barbarian / Prince] and Team (D) [Doom Guy / Izumi / Tard-Bard] Advances.
< Episode X-2 > Tournament Arc pt.2
[Sea Season / week 3 / day 2] - Weather - Moderate Winds
The second day of the tournament starts with some normie fights followed by the title fights - a nice standoff between Cringe-Cleric and Onyx the Warlock and the Cleric duo Good-Cleric & Wahmuu Life Cleric whom Good-Cleric sought out and planned for some favorable weather days in advance and Thief. Good-Cleric's plan goes off """ Perfectly """ as it starts to rain, Wahmuu maintains concentration. Good Cleric opens the fight by Call Lightning and deals good damage, wizards slinging Tidal Waves and Fire Balls, and every other contender squares off each other. Bird Man starts to sell his food then gets the crazy idea to buy the arena food, re-cook it and sell it at marked-up value. This surprisingly made then a lot of money however great shinanigans come with great unintended consequences.
Good Cleric gets into a mini-conflict with multiple attackers supported by Wahmuu, Thief goes after weaker opponents and gets a good couple of stabs and knife throws off, Doom Guy throws a table into the ring which Wahmuu does a flip off of, fails, and goes prone. Gets beat on and loses concentration soon afterward. Cringe Cleric square off against Tabaxi thief and pulls a win, Cringe-Cleric went full-on Boss-Mode. Vampiric Touch smacking people left and right, so far none of cringe clerics team-mates has fallen and only one of Good-Cleric plus Thief, overall people have been in dead-lock wearing each other down. Birdman throws a hot-dog into the ring, Thief barely conscious eats the hotdog and gets healed 1 hp. But by the time Cringe-Cleric reaches Good-Cleric Wahmuu got up and manage to mass heal everyone, Cringe-Cleric dealt with Wahmuu and had a slug feast with Good-Cleric. Thief went around assisting friendly NPCs in taking down opponents. During all of this, the crowd is going nuts throwing in massive amounts of gold into the arena. Good-Clerics allies just managed to barely beat Cringe-Cleric's allies and Cringe Cleric is still going full-on Boss Mode. Eventually, Good-Cleric manages to beat Cringe-Cleric with critical HP remaining.
Overall the victors made a nice sum of money, and big group made nearly 2.1k. Next was Balk-Bogan and his team vs another NPC team. Being last years champs they tore through the competition, Balk turns out to not only be a seasoned gladiator but a barbarian as well. Balk thinking that healing is for cowards goes full on DPS monster melee. The group makes a mental note of this and prepares to strategize against Balk, either way Good-Cleric and friends is up against a hard fight the following day.
Team (C) Good-Cleric, Life-Cleric, and Thief & Team (E) Balk Bogan

With 50 more sessions to go, the expedition to barrier peaks arc with alien golf carts, a pimp that can cast level 7 spells, and a mysterious monkey virus is soon around the corner.
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2020.09.24 05:05 ShiteWox $1,200-$1,500 Gaming Build

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
  • Gaming and schoolwork
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
  • $1200-$1500. $1200 is ideal but $1500 is do-able as long as it worth the price tag.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
  • ASAP but I could wait for like a 3070 if it's the best option.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
  • Just the PC (no OS), I have all peripherals.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
  • United States, yes I have access to the one in Westmont.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
  • Only reusing my monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
  • No
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
  • No.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
  • I want the build to have decent RGB, colors don't necessarily matter but the rest of my set-up has RGB so I'd like the PC to have some as well.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
  • No.
Thanks for the help (: :
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2020.09.23 21:31 elstokez TIFU by leaving lunch early during Coast Guard boot camp

First things first, for those who don't know: The U.S. Coast Guard is, by federal code, one of the United States's six armed services. It has a two-month boot camp.
This FU happened more than twenty years ago, when I went through CG boot camp. As you can imagine, the day at boot camp is highly regimented. You get up when they say you get up (sometimes to the tune of a metal trash can bouncing down the aisle between the bunks, etc.), march where they say to march, do what they say to do. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Meals are served in a cafeteria that would look familiar to any U.S. public school student. All of the recruits go through a serving line, load up their plates, and sit to eat at long communal tables. The company commanders (which other services' boot camps might call drill instructors) sit together at a table up on a dais where they have a good view of everyone.
The CCs generally left us alone during meals. It was one of the only "fun" times of the day--you could eat as much you want, talk shit with your fellow recruits, etc. However, that "leaving us alone" was potentially over as soon as you got up to bus your tray and dishes.
There was a prescribed "traffic pattern" in the cafeteria, and the only way to get from the tables to the scullery was to walk directly in front of the CC dais. This meant one was effectively on display to not only your own CC but any others that happened to be there, and of course of the CCs who saw the slightest problem with your appearance (gig line off, reef tuck sloppy, shoes not shined, name tag on the wrong side of your shirt*, etc.) would call you out. You'd have to stop, move out of the "traffic lane," and stand, holding your tray, in front of the dais while they yelled at you about what a dirtbag you looked like.
In addition, just because they saw a visual flaw with your appearance, didn't mean they wouldn't decide to quiz you on "required knowledge". For example, things like:
  • How many stripes on the CG ensign, and why?
  • What are the classes of fire, and how do you recognize and put them out?
  • What is your first (or 2nd-5th) general order?
  • What is the U.S. armed forces code of conduct?
  • How long does a ship have to be to be considered a cutter?
  • Etc.
If none of the CCs stopped you, you would just drop off your tray and then go outside, pick up your demilled M-1 rifle, and take up a standing position in your marching spot. The whole company needed to be outside and "formed up" this way by a certain minute, but you could feel free to head out and stand in place as soon as you were done.
But as I just explained, even just finishing your lunch and putting your dishes at the scullery was potentially fraught with danger. As a result, the tendency was for people to wait until a few others were done eating, so as not to be the single solitary first finisher making the walk of doom.
One day, toward the end of my two months in boot camp, I wasn't terribly hungry and finished lunch a long time before it looked like anyone else would be done. I did pretty well at boot camp and, especially this late in the game, I was confident about my ability to answer any of the required knowledge questions. So, cocky bastard that I was, I checked my gig line and reef tuck, stood up, picked up my tray, and started walking.
As I approached the dais, I took stock. My CC, who was reasonable and knew me and who I didn't think would stop me, another couple of CCs, and... Petty Officer Rea.
Rea was not a regular CC, as he did not lead one company through all eight weeks of boot camp. Instead, he was regularly in charge of each week's "forming company," the latest arrivals, before they were assigned to their regular CCs. His job was to march everyone around through their initial doctor's appointments, uniform/equipment issue, etc. And also, as far as I could tell, to scare the shit out of the newbies so we would latch onto our real CCs with relief and gratitude. He had a face like he'd spent twenty years squinting into the wind and a voice bordering on Tom Waits from all of the screaming he'd been doing for however long he'd had this job.
And I was almost past the dais when Rea spoke up and ordered me over in front of the dais.
Here it comes, I thought, envisioning how easily I would bat back the right answers to any question he could think up.
"What's the third planet from the sun, recruit?!" barked Rea.
This was so unexpected that I froze. It was the Earth... right? Or wait, Mars? Is this a trick question? There I'd been, mentally lubricating the drawers of my mental filing cabinet marked USCG Required Knowledge. Needless to say, I did not have my knowledge of the order of the planets on ready standby. I did manage to answer this question correctly, only to unleash yet more questions about astronomy.
Then, he moved on.
"Do you like corned beef hash, recruit?"
"Yes." (And just for the record, whenever you spoke in boot camp, you were supposed to follow this pattern: "Seaman Recruit [your own name], yes I do like corned beef hash, Petty Officer Rea." To save my typing fingers, I will leave that bit out, but just keep in mind that I'm following that pattern every time I open my mouth.)
"Ever eaten corned beef hash out of a hubcap, recruit?"
"Do you think you'd like to eat corned beef hash out of a hubcap, recruit?"
"Do you think you're too good to eat corned beef hash out of a hubcap?"
And on and on. I honestly can't remember all of the different subjects he covered, but I ended up standing there a good ten minutes, at the position of attention-with-lunch-tray-in-hand, volleying back and forth with him. Not surprisingly, my entire company took the opportunity to bus their trays and head outside to form up in marching order.
The final burst of questions ascertained my familiarity with various cleaning tasks and only ended when he extracted a promise from me that, when I arrived at the ship I'd been assigned to, I would immediately volunteer to clean the galley grease trap. (I did not, in fact, do this.)
TL; DR: I got up early from lunch and took a grilling from a crazed drill sergeant while the rest of my shipmates used this as cover to escape unnoticed.
* I actually did put my name tag on the wrong side of my uniform shirt one day. We'd been to fire school and had changed into turn out gear, then had to get dressed in our regular uniforms before marching off to our next class. To that date, I'd always gotten dressed standing by my locker, with no mirror, but the room where we were changing at the fire school had a huge mirror at one end and I made the mistake of looking at it as I positioned my name tag, and this crossed me up. My CC was flabbergasted when he saw it, and so was I when he pointed it out, as I was at least halfway through boot camp and who could forget what side of their shirt their name tag went on after weeks of doing it correctly?
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2020.09.23 14:38 443610 Booking Bayley's Loss of the SmackDown Women's Title - and Her Subsequent Return to Raw - Part 4/Finale: Emancipation

Parts 1, 2, and 3
Build to Fastlane 2021
(This event is on February 21, 2021. It replaces Elimination Chamber.)
RAW - January 25, 2021
The road to Wrestlemania 37 is now officially upon us.
Stephanie McMahon is standing in the ring, and she is pissed AF. Why? The Monday Night Church have tainted Raw's championships by interfering in each other's matches, and she wants all that to end. So she gives Seth Rollins and his followers a caveat: If any members lose their titles in ANY fashion, INCLUDING outside interference, they are out of the Church. And there will be no rematch clause for them.
Naturally, Seth Rollins comes out with his group, displeased. He explains that his flock means much to him, and the gold they wear symbolizes the unbreakable bond among them. He dares Stephanie to destroy his greatest creation, "because as they say, united we stand; divided we fall."
(Later in the night, Keith Lee chooses Universal Champion Roman Reigns as his Wrestlemania 37 opponent. And their confrontation is chock full of epic trash talk. Digs, insults, all the big boasts befitting of a clash of two behemoths.)
SmackDown - January 29, 2021
(If you are expecting Lee-Roman 2.0 here, sorry, but you will be disappointed. This segment won't have epic verbal warfare, but rather agony and tears, so prepare your tissues as well.)
Rhea Ripley is in the ring, and she is very happy. She thanks the fans for continuing to believe in her; if not for them, she may not have won the Rumble. But now SmackDown's resident Nightmare has a decision to make.
First out is the SmackDown Women's Champion, Sasha Banks. Since Survivor Series, she has notched retentions against Nikki Cross, Zelina Vega, and Charlotte Flair, establishing herself as a highly popular face champion. But deep inside her smiling façade lies a worried soul, and it does not take long before she tells Rhea that even though she no longer checks up on Bayley, she still misses her and the good times they had together. She recognizes that Bayley may lash out at her again for doing it, but all she wants to know is if Bayley is still in a good place -
Right on cue, Bayley appears with Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, and the AOP. And Sasha starts crying. Now she knows: Rollins and Theory - those two men - they literally kicked her down at Survivor Series; they violently denied her the catharsis of getting her friend back - and they showed no remorse in doing so. She despairingly speaks: "No, Bayley! Why?! Those monsters with you - THEY ATTACKED ME; WHY WOULD YOU BEFRIEND THEM?! Do you not know that with them, you've become a worse monster than the one I made?!"
But Seth is having none of Sasha's pleas. "MONSTER?! I'm no monster; I'm a SAVIOR! You don't get the full picture, do you, Sasha?
"At Survivor Series, Raw was about to embarrass itself AGAIN, just as I had been fearing. Drew and his fellow champions got pinned, and the women's team was WIPED OUT. Then, in my match, I was on the verge of defeat, but then these prodigal sons (points to Austin and Akam and Rezar) came, and together, we put Raw on the cusp of redemption.
"But there was still one more obstacle - and it was YOU, Sasha (points at her). You think I did not know you wanted to 'redeem' Bayley? You think I did not hear all your pleas to her, your promise to make her grovel so that you two could be friends again? I did! And it angered me! To think you could undo all my efforts to save Raw... And for what? Your self-gratification? How selfish of you, Sasha, how selfish of you. Only you would have benefited from Bayley's 'redemption'.
"And as much as Bayley hated groveling before you, I hated it even more. Another of Raw's champions groveling before the enemy, right after the others had been humiliated beforehand? No, just no. There was no way I would let that happen, so I did what I had to do: stop you and your selfish plans for the Greater Good. Now do you get the full picture?"
Alas, Sasha Banks won't. "No, Seth, this isn't about you. This is about my old friend Bayley. Bayley, why did you join Seth and his group?"
Finally, the Matriarch speaks. (Get ready, guys. This is heartbreaking.)
"Why? Since we're in the same place again, might as well show you now."
The Titantron cuts to a never-before-seen video of Bayley backstage. It is dated November 2, 2020, just minutes before Bayley's defense against Naomi.
Suddenly, Seth Rollins appears. Bayley tells him, "Oh, hi there, Seth. Look, I have a title defense tonight."
He responds, "I know, Bayley, but I can't help but see my old self in you - someone who is still rejected despite giving his all."
"But I strive to be a role model, not just for myself, but the fans. And it doesn't matter if they hate me now; they will eventually come to accept me."
"I hate to tell you this, but judging by your demeanor, I can sense that you will become just like me in the past. But worry not; I am here to save you. Join me, and you will become more than a role model."
"Let me think about that. I have so much in my mind right now. Like, I am also facing Sasha at Survivor Series."
"Ok, I know. I am a patient man. I can wait until Survivor Series for your decision."
The video ends. Bayley tells a still-crying Sasha, "You know, Sasha, at the time I met Seth, I was still angry and bitter at losing to you. Then he showed me a way to heal, to become better than I was at that point. At first I was unsure, uncertain of what to do, but something happened..."
Another never-before-seen video starts playing on the Titantron. This one is dated November 22, 2020 - Survivor Series.
Just as she is heading out for her match against Sasha Banks, Bayley encounters Seth Rollins again. She immediately tells him, "Seth, I am ready. I will join you."
The Messiah is surprised. "Really, Bayley? What led you to that decision?"
"The women's Survivor Series match. My peers were just embarrassing out there. How can I be a role model if my peers fail like that? I can't fail like that in my match against Sasha. So please, help me - and I will help you in return."
"Ah, at last, you have awoken from your slumber. Thanks to me and my prodigal sons, Raw is now on the cusp of redemption after a very bad start, but you are the last piece of the puzzle. Worry not, though; when you fall to your lowest, we will come to your aid. But until then, good luck."
The video ends. As she enters the ring, Bayley continues, "The rest, as they say, is history. But I guess the attack on you was also your wake-up call, because look where I am now. I am now part of a loving family. I have their back; they have mine. I am happy with them. I am happy where I am now. So please, Sasha, forget about me and find your own happiness. You will only hurt yourself by continuing to dwell on me."
But Sasha can't be placated. She is still sobbing.
"Ok. Now, admittedly, I have been watching your recent matches, and I see in you a very good champion. I see in you the role model I could never be. But that is all I want to know.
"Look, Sasha. I am no longer angry with you. In fact, I am happy for you. You avenged yourself on me, and you finally have the long title reign you can be proud of. But that is all. I no longer want to remember all the pain we've dealt each other. I have found my place; can you not be happy for me? Please, Sasha. Be a good girl and keep on forging your own path, okay? Continue being the role model I could never be." Bayley is fighting back tears herself at this point.
Sasha's response is just agonizing. "I can't be happy for you, Bayley, not as long as you are still like that."
"So what do you want, then? What will make you happy? Sasha, you must answer this question. You can't just cry over every problem; you must speak up."
Sasha turns to Rhea, who hasn't said anything ever since Bayley entered the scene. "Rhea, do me a favor and defeat Bayley for me. Redeem her for me. I no longer know how else I can get my friend back..."
Rhea is initially surprised at such an offer: "Well, Sasha, I am not usually one to work for others, ..."
...but she eventually agrees to it: "...but if this is what your old friend has become, sure. I accept."
Rollins is irate. "Seriously, Rhea?! You will do Sasha's bidding? You know she can and WILL betray you once you -"
But Rhea cuts him off: "This does not concern you, you jerk! Anyway, Bayley, if you are to be redeemed, you must face your worst nightmare. That is why I choose you as my opponent for Wrestlemania 37."
Bayley responds, "Are you sure? Are you sure you want to oppose me and my family? Then so be it. But be warned: they have my back, and I will not merely lie down for you." And she sadly leaves the ring.
Three days later on Raw, two major surprises occur: first, Lana wins a battle royale to become Bayley's next challenger. Then, the AOP lose the Raw tag titles to Humberto Carrillo and his now-face cousin Angel Garza after Seth and company, having been held back by security from attempting to interfere, arrive at ringside too late. Without "help", it seems each of the Church's members can't cut it alone. Pissed, the Messiah and Austin Theory challenge the Mexicans to a title match at Fastlane, hoping to avenge their fallen brethren.
Fastlane 2021
Bayley's match is the third to last on the card, and surprisingly, Lana takes the fight to to the Matriarch, who has to fight more smartly, knowing she won't get any outside assistance. But then the Ravishing Russian hits the ref while attempting a kick, which allows Bayley to roll out of the ring, grab the chalice, and strike her foe across the head with it. As the referee recovers, Bayley connects on the Maternal Plunge... 1... 2... 3.
Bayley def. Lana to remain the Raw Women's Champion
Later in the night, Bayley attempts to interfere during the Raw Tag title match, but Rhea Ripley stops her. As a result, Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza retain, but Seth Rollins and Austin Theory are not ousted from the Church because their singles titles were not on the line. And in the main event, Big E wins a six-person elimination match to become the Messiah's Wrestlemania 37 opponent.
Road to Wrestlemania 37
The following night, Austin Theory loses the US title to Dominik Dijakovic after Big E and Rhea Ripley prevent Seth Rollins and Bayley from interfering. And just like that, the Church is down to just two.
At the double contract signing on the go-home Raw, Bayley tells Rhea, "You know, Rhea, in hindsight, you were in some way right to choose me. I and Seth are the only ones left in our group; all our brothers are gone. But we two cannot fail; otherwise this church will collapse, and what will become of us?"
Rhea responds, "I am glad you are seeing the writing on the wall, Bayley. Your time is winding down; at Wrestlemania, a new era will begin."
Wrestlemania 37
This is it. This it where it all collapses.
Earlier in the night, Sasha Banks finally has her Wrestlemania moment, defeating Shayna Baszler by submission to remain the SmackDown Women's Champion. Immediately afterwards, Big E has his crowning moment, hitting an avalanche Big Ending to win the WWE Championship, and just like that, Seth Rollins has been ousted from his own church, his very own creation.
Bayley vs. Rhea is the penultimate match (Keith Lee-Roman Reigns headlines), and it is a tale of two personalities. Rhea is brimming with confidence; Bayley knows this is the end, but she keeps a defiant façade. As for the match, it is an all-out war, but eventually the Nightmare hits an avalanche Riptide...
Rhea Ripley def. Bayley to become the new Raw Women's Champion
It is over. The Monday Night Church has finally fallen. The fans can relax now; Raw is under new leadership.
Rhea Ripley celebrates at ringside with her newly-won title, but before she can head up the ramp, something catches her eye...
It is Bayley, standing alone, dejected. Her title, her brothers, the bonds she had forged with them - they are all gone. And she can't get them back.
Rhea, feeling empathy for Bayley (the Nightmare had agonizingly lost the NXT Women's title to Charlotte Flair almost a year ago), reenters the ring. The now-former Matriarch stares at the new champion, then at the crowd...
...and then, to everyone's surprise, she extends her hand, just as Seth Rollins did four months ago.
Rhea is initially surprised, but ultimately accepts it. Bayley then reels the Aussie into a hug and whispers the exact same words Seth Rollins uttered after she accepted his hand at the conclusion of Survivor Series:
I expect much of you.
After a while, Bayley lets go, but before she leaves the ring, she gives Rhea these cathartic words:
Oh, yeah. By the way, I'll be going away for quite some time...
Just tell Sasha I said hi, okay?
Rhea is stunned. Finally, after months of refusal, Bayley has decided to accept the olive branch and reconcile with Sasha Banks. The Aussie has successfully played her part.
As Rhea looks on with a smile, Bayley walks up the ramp...
...back to Sasha Banks...
...and back to the light.
Raw - July 19, 2021
The Man is back!
Becky Lynch basks in the deafening cheers of the crowd; she wasn't expected to appear this soon after welcoming her first child, but she could not shake off the competitive itch. She talks about a lot of things: motherhood, Seth Rollins, the title picture, and so on. But one thing is for sure: she is just happy to return to doing what she loves -
It seems Becky Lynch is not the only shock returnee tonight -
SUDDENLY, FOUR MASKED FIGURES BLINDSIDE BECKY LYNCH! They smugly pose over her body, then unmask themselves -
Ronda and company prepare to beat Becky down -
BUT HERE COMES CHARLOTTE FLAIR! Granted, they haven't had the best of relationships, but Becky and Charlotte are Horsewomen, first and foremost.
The two try to take the fight to their MMA counterparts, but it is 2 on 4, and they are struggling to get any meaningful blows in -
Sasha Banks had dropped the SmackDown Women's title to Wendi Richter Memorial Battle Royal winner Dakota Kai five days after Wrestlemania 37, but it does not matter now. What matters is her fellow Horsemen are out there, badly needing her help. She slides into the ring and joins the fight, but the problem is, it is 3 on 4, and it is soon rearing its ugly head -
It is true! Five years after her first main roster match, the good ol' Hugger has returned, ponytail and all!
Bayley races down the ramp and into the ring and unloads on Shafir. Just like that, it is 4 on 4, and soon enough Ronda and her buddies are retreating through the crowd, tails between their legs. They did not see this coming.
But back in the ring, the Four Horsewomen of WWE exchange awkward looks. Fate, it seems, has brought them back together. All of a sudden, Bayley hugs Becky, then Charlotte, making amends with them...
... but there is one more person inside the ring:
Sasha Banks - a woman Bayley has known more than any other, with the possible exception of her mother.
Bayley stares at her old friend, enemy, soul sister, confidant, whatever word you can imagine...
... and it happens.
Bayley tearfully hugs Sasha, telling her, "I am truly, deeply sorry for hurting you... Do you forgive me?" Sasha can only tearfully hug her back and reply, "Yes, I do... Please, let us never be apart again..." And they cry onto each other's shoulders for a long time.
Eventually, Becky and Charlotte, who have been standing between the two this whole time, join the embrace. Raw ends with Bayley - yes, the good ol' Hugger Bayley - doing her double high-fives pose with her fellow Horsewomen, all those twenty months in the darkness finally...
...and firmly behind her.
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2020.09.23 07:21 happypuppy100 Here is the most helpful minimalist simple packlist for your EDC from everything you've seen on this entire whole Web as of this date. Have any helpful recommendations that are better than these?

Have any helpful recommendations that are better than these from everything you've seen on this entire whole Web as of this date?
This is a general purpose most useful minimalist simple packlist
It's not meant for niche use like backpacking etc

Step 1 - I'm gonna look thru your recommendations and put them into one
If any lists, or items aren't good, lemme know
Initial ask was this: "Please consider most helpful compact list, and please link something simple"

Step 2 - If you have an excel, google sheet, airtable, etc of the most useful minimalist simple packlist, please send me

Step 3 - I'll rank each item by priority / importance, and section them into categories so it's much cleaner + much more usable

Step 4 - I'll include a 1-line summary as to why each item is included
Disposable items that are low cost and purchasable should _not_ be included. Those items can just be purchased on arrival
Step 5 - Any actually good list would include items for common environmental needs such as "weather a bit colder" These would also be included on the adjustable, usuable spreadsheet (for myself)

Thanks to following peeps for recommendations:
lasaventuras sunset7766 TakeMeToMarfa benalene kevinasia

Thanks to everyone else for making use of the recommendations given by the above superheroes who went above & beyond to make a helpful / useful recommendation. Thanks!

Anything else helpful or useful or very good insights, or incredible in some amazing way, on any topics, just send me thanks

Adding to step 1
From ERFontus
  • Three tee shirts
  • Four underwear
  • Four socks
  • Shoes
  • Trousers
  • Toothbrush
  • Shirt
  • Toothpaste
  • Jacket
  • Backpack
  • Two bras
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Two packing cubes
  • Sweater or hoodie
  • Leggings or tights
  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Day bag
  • Shorts
  • Portable charger
  • Earphones / headphones
  • Cables
  • Shampoo
  • Four socks
  • Two trousers
  • Five underwear
  • Three tee shirts
  • Backpack
  • Jacket
  • Shoes
  • Shirt
  • Earphones / headphones
  • Shorts
  • Portable charger
  • Two packing cubes
  • Toothbrush
  • Day bag
  • Toothpaste
  • Cables
  • Phone
On my blog, I’ve added a few items to these lists - things that I think should be included on a good packing list but aren’t mentioned by most Redditors. These items are passport, tickets, keys, wallet, glasses, female hygiene products, medicine."
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2020.09.22 22:19 coochiepatootie My (22F) new love interest (22M) just happens to be a close friend of my ex (22M). Should I go for it?

Also posted in relationship advice.
For background, my ex (let’s call him A) and I dated for about 4 years. The relationship had a great start, we were inseparable best friends and we had lots of fun together. Our families became friends and loved us together. My friends were always more than happy to have him hang out with us and his friends always let me tag along too. It got to the point where I was considered family and his friends saw me as their friend and not just their buddy’s girlfriend. From the outside, our relationship seemed like a match made in heaven, everyone thought we were such a perfect couple that it put a lot of pressure on me to be happy.
A had such a great personality that I just ignored the fact that he wasn’t really “my type” because I really liked who he was. That didn’t really matter to me though because his personality and sense of humor made made me more attracted to him. Unfortunately, a few years down the line what used to be cute and charming and made me fall for him, slowly became irritating and embarrassing. When he would do things that I didn’t like I had no problem telling him what was bothering me and how we could solve the issue at hand but for some reason he seemed to always do the exact opposite and tended to act very childish. He ended up acting like a completely different person for the last year of our relationship and my physical attraction for him was completely gone at that point and I was falling out of love.
I tried breaking up with him a handful of times but he hit me with the classic “I just think we’ll be happier together” even though I had made it extremely clear that I was so unhappy and didn’t want to be in the relationship causing my unhappiness anymore. Once I finally broke up with him he did NOT take it well. I told him hopefully we can be friends again some day and made it so clear that we were over for good, I don’t think he’ll ever want to be my friend though.
Anyways, fast forward to about 7 months after I break up with A I get a text from my friend (let’s call him M) asking me to hang out because he’s back in town visiting home. M lives several hours away and only gets to visit our hometown around twice a year so it’s always a fun time when he’s visiting. But here’s the thing, even though we’ve known each other for a long time, M and I only became super close through A because the two of them are friends.
I missed M a lot and I was really worried that he’d never talk to me again after I broke up with A so it was such a relief that he reached out to me and I gladly agreed to hang out with him. He’s just such a great guy and a fun person to be around so I was happy he still considered me a friend of his. M is also more “my type” than A so throughout my relationship with A I was physically attracted to M. What can I do I’m only human, but we really were honestly nothing more than good friends.
M and I got dinner and watched movies, I didn’t really expect anything more than just two pals hanging out since we’ve been platonic friends for years. But I’m also not opposed to anything happening either because like I said I’m attracted to him. While we’re watching movies I noticed that he kept getting closer and closer to me and he was acting pretty flirty. I start hardcore flirting back because he’s a cool guy and I find him very attractive and he eventually leaned in and kissed me. Things escalate and we end up sleeping together.
The whole night was so great and we really enjoyed each other’s company. But then when he was driving me back to my place we started talking about the whole situation. I said right off the bat that no one could know about what happened between us because it could potentially ruin his friendship with A and really just break A’s heart. M agreed and said if anything more happened between us then he’d rather be the person to tell A instead of A hearing about it from someone else. M then goes on to say that he has always been attracted to me and always wanted to date me but never tried anything because I was dating A. We talked it all out and kinda have an agreement that if he’s not seeing anyone and if I’m not seeing anyone by the time that he moves back home for good next summer then we’ll try out a relationship.
We’re still taking everyday and I like him a lot but I’m not sure what to do! He should be coming home again in a couple months so I’ll get to see him again soon and he’s already talked about dates and things he wants to do with me even though we still wouldn’t even be officially dating. I would definitely like something with M to work out but I have a feeling that A will not take any of this well and act like a child once he finds out. A could potentially make this a big mess.
What do you think, should I continue talking to M with the hopes of a relationship? Or would it be totally wrong for me to date one of my ex’s close friends?
Also since we agreed that we won’t try to date until he’s home for good (neither of us want long distance) and that isn’t until well into next year, is it even worth it to continue talking at the moment? Even though I’ll see him again before that and he’s already talked about taking me on dates?
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this video is about my experience dating a Jamaican girl. These are the differences I found dating someone outside of my race. If you are dating someone outs... Dating Naked is a series that explores the art of romance, free of preconceived notions, stereotypes – and clothes. This social experiment provides daters wi... STORYTIME Pt.2 I met psycho’s on TAGGED & POF DATING SITE (HE WANTED S3X) - Duration: 8:42. Hangin with Celest 1,035 views. 8:42. Make Full-Time Income On Tagged - Duration: 14:51. Tag Line: In the future, the U.N. will require a dating license for those who wish to date. Short Film shot in Baltimore, MD in 2009 featuring Ivonne Montero and Luis Jose Lopez. Confused about what to text him? Just copy & paste these 9 FREE texts → *** To get the full survey results, go to... http://www.howt... App Tagged - Meet, Chat And Dating Download: 'Android Apps' 'Welcome to Tagged'! 'Tagged' is the place to link up with 'new people', chill and ... How to get girls online. APK LINK DIRECT MY Blog LINK APK LINK Tagged is the best place to... Renowned lesbian Amy is pessimistic when it comes to love, and is a true believer in 'nothing lasts forever.' And globally recognized gay Jack is as optimist... 😎 SUBSCRIBE - 💞Real dating site: 💥Service to check: The biggest online dating scam b...